6 Great Nursery Colour Scheme Ideas

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1 year ago

When you have a baby on the way, there is nothing more fun than planning their nursery from top to bottom. All parents want their children to feel safe and comfortable in their new bedroom that has been beautifully designed and decorated just for them.

Some people like to make sure that their baby’s nursery stays in-line with the design throughout the rest of their house, but some people like to make sure their child’s room is unique and personal to them.

There are a few different factors you can consider when designing a nursery, including the size of the space available, the natural lighting and the gender of the occupant. Some parents like to create a neutral colour scheme though so that the baby can grow up to decide which colours they like on their own.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some great colour schemes to get your nursery off to a brilliant start:

Bold and Bright

Using bold and vibrant colours in your child’s nursery will help give the room a bright and positive feel. You can either take a few colours that feature in other rooms of the house and match them, or go for completely different colours.

If you don’t know which bright colours to choose, then you can always paint each wall of the nursery a different colour, meaning you can have lots of multi-coloured accessories to match.

Gender Specific

For those parents who like to know what gender there baby is before it is born, it can be nice to decorate the nursery to reflect that. Boys are easy to decorate for as you can just use various shades of blue or red around the room.

A nursery for a little girl can be painted with pinks or purples with accessories in a range of warm tones that will work with both. You can also use wall art for the nursery and decorate a boy’s room with dinosaurs and a girl’s room with flowers and animals.


Many parents like to decorate their baby’s nursery with a neutral design; this can include colours such as cream, beige, yellow and green. Neutral tones are quite calming and will work well if you could have more children in the future that could take over the nursery.

The great thing about neutral colour schemes is that you can choose a variety of accessories and furnishings in brighter colours to compliment the neutral walls. These splashes of colour will help bring some character into the nursery and can be changed easily over the years.


Earthy and floral colour schemes are a great way to bring the outside in and create a natural feel in your baby’s nursery. You can either decorate the room using earthy tones such as reds and browns with pictures of trees and wildlife, or you can use a more floral design and choose pinks, yellows and greens to colour the room with.

Earthy warm tones are lovely to use in a nursery, as they can be quite calming, but be wary when it comes to yellows, as some hues can actually increase anxiety in babies and make them cry more.


You may not think that shades of black, white and grey are the most baby friendly when it comes to a nursery colour scheme, but actually a newborn baby has a very limited colour perception and struggles to see colours that don’t strongly contrast with each other.

A monochrome colour scheme can look very modern and chic, and it will also help add depth to a room. Choose vintage and chrome accessories to really set this colour scheme off and give your baby a smart and contemporary nursery.


If you want to add a bit of extra character to your baby’s nursery, then you could add a theme to the design of the room. There are lots of different ones you can choose from, including safari, pirates, animals, TV characters or nature.

Once you have chosen your theme, you can decorate the walls and the furniture, and even choose matching curtains and a rug. Using a theme is a lovely way to give your baby’s nursery a fun and friendly feel.

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