How to Convert Your iCandy Orange into a Double or a Twin

The iCandy Orange is the ultimate companion when it comes to parenthood and the beautiful, multi-functional pushchair is ready for the adventure, every step of the way. Want to know how to convert your beloved iCandy Orange from a single to either a double or twin pushchair? We have broken down the process of converting your iCandy Orange in four easy steps!


Step 1: Which iCandy Orange do you have?


The iCandy Orange 2017 - 2021 editions, all use the same parts to convert from a single to either a double or twin, making the process of buying additional parts really simple and straight forward!


To make sure you have the iCandy Orange, please check the images below. If your pushchair is not shown below, you may have another iCandy pushchair model. To help you identify your pushchair please check out our other 'How To' blog series:


iCandy Orange - 2017iCandy Orange - 2019


Step 2: Double or Twin mode?


Now you have identified your iCandy Orange model from the images above, you are ready to select the converter parts you need based on whether you are converting to a double or a twin pushchair. The below grid simplifies this for you:



Orange - Double Twin

Step 3: Which parts do you need to convert?


Cross-referencing from the grid above, you will be able to see which parts you require to convert your Orange pushchair to your required mode.


For Example...


If you have an iCandy Orange 3 (2021) in Dark Slate Marl and would like to convert it to a double pushchair, you will need the following additional parts:




Orange3-converter-kit Seat-unit Car-seat-unit

Step 4: Time to convert your iCandy Orange into a Double or Twin!


A.  Select your desired Double Configuration from the Orange Manual to identify the parts required.




B.  Attach each converter to the correct position on the chassis.


Please note: the required position is noted on the inside of each converter, as shown. It is important that the correct converter is attached to the indicated position.   





C.  Push the slider down into the adapter and ensure the lip is always at the top. Ensure the slider is fully locked into place on the converter adapter.


Please note: do not use if any part is worn, damaged or missing. Ensure sliders are correctly installed and fully engaged before each use. Failure to follow these instructions or use the product as intended may result in injury.



D.  Attach the required risers and/or elevators and your seat unit(s) and/or carrycot(s). Your Orange Double/Twin is now complete!





iCandy Orange Support Videos


As part of the iCandy World Bite Sized Video series, we have created a small series of How To Videos support the iCandy Orange Pushchair.



Visit the Orange support page




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