How To Convert Your iCandy Peach 5-6 into a Double or Twin

How To Convert Your iCandy Peach 5-6 into a Double or Twin

One of our most frequently asked questions is how to convert your single iCandy Peach to either a double or twin pushchair. To simplify this, we have broken the process of identifying the correct parts you need for your iCandy Peach to just three easy steps!


Step 1: Which iCandy Peach do you have?


The iCandy Peach 5 released in 2018 and iCandy Peach 6, launched in 2020, are simple and easy to convert from a single Peach pushchair into a double or twin. Plus, both models use all the same converter parts making shopping for the additional parts even easier. To check that you have a Peach 5 or Peach 6 model, please check out the below images.


If your iCandy Peach is not shown below you may have an earlier edition 1-4 Peach model (2009- 2017), where you will require different converter parts. Please review  'How To Convert Your iCandy Peach 1-4 into a Double or Twin' blog post to help you identify your model iCandy Peach.



Peach 5

Peach 6

Step 2: Double or Twin mode?


Now you have identified your iCandy Peach model from the images above, you are ready to select the converter parts you need based on whether you are converting to a double or a twin pushchair. The below grid simplifies this for you:



Peach 5 and 6 - Double and Twin

Step 3: What do you need to Convert?


Cross-referencing from the grid above, you will be able to see which parts you require to convert your Peach pushchair to your requirements.



Conversion table



ElevatorsPeach Converter KitPeach 2nd Seat UnitPeach 2nd Carrycot FabricPeach Main Car Seat AdaptersPeach Lower Car Seat Adapters



1. Peach Elevators / 2. Peach Converter Kit / 3. Peach 2nd Seat Unit and Bumper Bar / 4. Peach 2nd Carrycot Fabric and Bumper Bar / 5. Peach Main Car Seat Adapters / 6. Peach Lower Car Seat Adapters




iCandy Peach Support Videos


As part of the iCandy World Bite Sized Video series, we have created a small series of How To Videos to support the iCandy Peach Pushchair.



Visit the Peach support page




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