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Skin Care: Nala’s Baby Adventure Bundle  Review


Our reviewers were unanimous in their first impressions of this bundle, they were all particularly impressed by the quantity, quality, and value for money. They found that this bundle locked in moistures into their babies' skin leaving it feeling soft all day long.  



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Price - £32.99


Reviewer ratings


Value for money  - ★★★★★

Quality  - ★★★★★

Style  - ★★★★★





iCandy says:


iCandy Says: Nala's Baby Adventure Bundle includes everything your little one needs, complete with a 100% cotton drawstring bag for easy organisation. It was also highly praised by one of our reviewers claiming that the body butter cleaned up their baby's acne in as little as 2 days, and cradle cap in 4!"

About the Nala’s Baby Adventure Bundle 

Created by UK rapper Casyo ‘Krept’ Johnson, and health and beauty influencer, Sasha Ellese Gilbert, skincare brand Nala’s Baby features 99% naturally derived ingredients such as oats, coconut, aloe, lavender and more. Nala's Baby Adventure Bundle comprises the full skin and hair care range including Body Wash & Shampoo, Body Lotion and Body Butter in a 100% cotton drawstring bag to keep everything together. 





First Impressions of the Nala’s Baby Adventure Bundle 



"I’ve never used any of these products before or heard of the brand. My first impressions were that the packaging is so cute. My sons nursery is all safari themed, so I warmed to it straight away. There were so many products in the bag and in generous sizes. The body butter tub is huge! For me scent is so important and straight away I could smell camomile and oats, and felt so relaxed. I loved the reusable bag to store the products in.


- Fay George 

"The packaging is super sleek and secure, making it reassuring that you will know if the product has ever been tampered with. All products have a luxury look and feel. The scents of each product are so beautiful, and each product was super useful. 


- Bethany Ridgwell 

“Clearly for children and babies. Looks natural and fun. 


- Kate Buckland

Were there any products in the bundle that you did not find useful or necessary for your baby's skincare routine? 


No. Every product is so useful - the only comment would be the conditioner would not be useful for the little babies that do not have much hair. My little one has so many curls that it was a welcomed product that I have been searching for.


- Fay George 

I found all products useful to my baby’s skincare routine. The shampoo/body wash was my most used product and a staple for any bundle. This product foamed amazingly, I found a little went a long way, it left my baby’s hair silky and smelling gorgeous. The bubble bath was also used every day as all babies love bubbles so again, I found it perfect for a bundle and made the bundle stick out to the others for having all useful products. Another unusual product within the bundle that worked amazing was the conditioner. This brought out the curls in my daughter's hair and made it so unbelievably soft to touch. This is a game changer and will be in my daughter's routine all the time from now on. I found the body butter great for occasional use when my baby’s skin was dryer than usual as it is thick and long lasting. The lotion was great for everyday use, it took seconds to rub in, left an amazing smell and my baby's skin super soft. The Massage Oil was very oily, but great if my baby needed a massage, as again, its super long lasting and has a great smell.


-Bethany Ridgwell 




- Kate Buckland

Would you recommend this bundle and why? 





"I would definitely recommend this product. This was the first separate shampoo and conditioner I’ve found suitable for young babies and my little one was born with so much hair that has now developed into a head full of beautiful curls. I used the conditioner and a detangling comb, and his curls have never looked so good. The nighttime oil is so lightweight, and the scent is immediately relaxing (I’ve even used some on myself instead of a well-known brands relaxation oil!) I also have not come across a baby body butter that I like using myself, I was so happy to find this one for Luca. I will definitely buy this product again. The number of products and the size of the bottles make it such good value for money."


- Fay George



"I would definitely recommend this product the most, as all aspects of the product are perfect.


- Bethany Ridgwell 



Yes this set is amazing and great value for money. Everything inside is perfect for little one. It’s natural, smells gorgeous. We will continue to use all of these products. They are very moisturising and really helped clear up his dry skin and keep moisture locked in.”


- Kate Buckland

How Does it compare?


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Where to buy?


The Nala’s Baby Adventure Bundle is available buy via The Nala’s Baby website. 



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