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Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set Review




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Price - £29.99


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Value for money - ★★★½☆

Style - ★★★★

Quality - ★★★★

Durability - ★★★½☆




iCandy says:


Plastic free letterbox gift set containing a beechwood teether, reversible cotton bib, mini muslin cloths and pacifier chain and clip.

What's on the box


A sustainable and natural luxury baby set which is plastic free and handmade with natural materials, making the perfect gift for any new arrivals. 


First impressions of the Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Leila, who tested the Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set

Action Play/Stop

"Great compact letterbox design. First impressions were that the products all looked beautifully hand crafted and very natural. Curated mix of soft organic cotton and wooden items all in neutral colours and designs - perfect for everyone!"


- Veeneeta

"Not very impressed by the products."


- Toha

"I loved this gift set. The little details really made all the difference. The item arrived through my letterbox with lovely dried flowers attached to the inside as soon as I opened the box. The bib, dummy clip and muslin clothes all felt very luxurious, yet very practical for everyday use. I found the bib specifically useful as a dribble bib instead of using it with bottles, however is very versatile and could be used easily for either purpose. I liked the fact that the dummy clip had a wooden top and matched the bib, I felt like I could use the two items with any outfit even for parties or family occasions that were a little more formal. The quality of the bib, muslin and dummy clip are fantastic!"


- Leila


Does the Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set feel like a sustainable yet also luxurious gift set?




Made with love

"Yes, each item is made from plastic free, natural materials. All hand crafted in lovely neutral colours and designs making the products look expensive, stylish and made with love." - Veeneeta

Made with love

"Yes, I loved all the items in the box."


- Leila

"No. Very few items, which can all be bought from high street or online for a cheaper price!"


- Toha


Would you recommend the Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set?






Yes! The fact it fitted through my letterbox was great. I didn't have to worry about being at home to receive this item. The bib is a lovely material, the details on the bib made it very stylish. I really liked how the bib was reversible and was a tie to allow it to be adjusted to suit every baby and occasion. The bib and matching dummy clip made such a beautiful set. And the loops on the muslin cloths made them very practical to always keep handy for use with a teething baby.


- Leila




100%! Aria’s favourite item is the cloud teether, with both wood and cotton tassels elements it is a sensory toy and useful teether in one. I love the reversible bib with a braided tie and edges. The mini muslin cloths are perfect for on the go!


- Veeneeta




Not at all. Very expensive. I would not buy for my child.


- Toha


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iCandy Recommends

The iC Recommends review panel all commented on the luxurious nature of this gift set, although one reviewer felt this made the contents impractical. The gift box, made from 100% biodegradable craft packaging fits through a letterbox, which was a feature the majority of the reviewers loved as it made it a fuss free giftable for new parents. The testers commented on the high quality nature of the contents and how the pacifier chain and clip along with the reversible cotton bib made great additions to special occasion outfits, whilst the mini muslins looked lovely in photographs. Many reviewers particularly enjoyed the natural beechwood teether complete with cotton macrame tassel.

iCandy Recommends

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Made Eco Natural Letterbox Baby Gift Set is available from many high street nursery shops or online vendors including directly from Wearth London via the 'Shop now' button.



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