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Price - £19.99


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Style - ★★★★½

Quality - ★★★★★

Durability - ★★★★★




iCandy says:


This bright and colourful car mirror is designed for both parents and child alike. The fun koala design provides entertainment for baby, whilst the clear view of baby provided by the mirror offers reassurance for parents. 

What's on the box


This colourful, baby-safe curved mirror from Taf Toys provides an easy and convenient parental view of the baby from the driver’s seat. The mirror easily connects to the headrest while the mirror features a lovable Kimmy the Koala character to keep rear-facing babies entertained.


First impressions of the Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Ciaran, who tested the Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror

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"Upon receiving the Koala car mirror I was very impressed with the colourful and bright design. I really liked the feature of Kimmy the Koala being on the mirror to entertain children. The mirror comes in a lovely securely packaged box showing off the beautiful design. The mirror also looked very easy to install with the clips on to the headrest. I did also note that this mirror is smaller and rounded where most mirrors for rear facing babies are usually rectangular covering a wider angle. Having the koala on the mirror feels like an added bonus of having a toy as part of the mirror!"


- Amy

"The car mirror is a ashetically pleasing design and the mirror provides the right amount of zoom to have a good view of baby while you are traveling. The mirror was very easy to install, which really helps when you have a baby running around. I like that this mirror matched with other Taf Toys, if building on existing products was needed. While I did not find this a necessity, I did consider that this mirror was not adjustable at different angles as easily as other competitors, but I equally found that I did not need to use this as it sat so well on the headrest."


- Victoria

"The Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror grabbed our interest and that of our baby’s, straight away with the cute Koala bear on top of the mirror. It is a lovely shaped mirror and fitted well in our car as it wasn’t too big. We were still able to view our little one clearly as he played or slept in his car seat when we were driving. He enjoyed look up at the Koala on top of the mirror. It was easy to attach to the headrest/seat and is easily adjustable to make it tighter or looser. We think this is a fun car mirror and it is priced appropriately."

- Ciaran


Did the Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror provide an easy and convenient parental view of your baby from the driver’s seat?




Good view

"The mirror does provide a good view but is rounded and smaller than other mirrors so takes a little extra time to get the correct angle set up as it doesn't cover as wide of an area as other mirrors." - Amy

Good view

"Yes, it provided an easy and convenient view of our baby from the driver’s seat and our baby enjoyed looking up into the mirror too."


- Ciaran



- Victoria


Would you recommend the Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror?






Yes - I would recommend the mirror to friends and other moms due to how easy this was to install and the excellent view it gives of baby while driving, which is reassurance every parent needs. I found I was able to see not only babies face, but their body too, for example if they had dropped a toy. The koala design is very cute and makes it an eye-catching product in the car. I also like that it matches other taf toy products, if someone wanted to purchase toys later on, they could do so without having to replace all of the products.


- Victoria




Yes - We would highly recommend the Taf Toys Koala Car Mirror to other parents as it is a fun, eye-catching car mirror that our little one enjoyed looking at because of the Koala sitting on the top. We were able to see him clearly when driving as the mirror gave us an easy view of our baby and gave us the reassurance that he was alright on both long and short car trips. The mirror has adjustable straps which allowed us to fit it around the headrest easily. We loved the Koala and thought it was a clever way to make a car mirror more attractive and fun for the whole family.


- Ciaran




Yes - I would recommend the Koala mirror to other parents as I really liked the colourful design with the added bonus of having the Koala as part of the mirror to give your child something to look at. I think the mirror is good value for money as you can tell is put together with really quality materials and will last a long time. It can also be used in any car as it is easy to install and adjust to all different types of headrests.


- Amy


Reviewer recommendations



iCandy Recommends

Our review panel loved the fun design of this car mirror and the entertainment the cute koala design provided to little passengers! The aesthetically pleasing design could be seen from the outset thanks to the impressive packaging, making this an ideal gift too. The mirror attached to the headrest easily, meaning it was effective regardless of the type of car seat in use. The mirror provided a good view of baby, although one of our testers felt it could have been bigger to cover a wider area.

iCandy Recommends

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