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Taf Toys Koala In Car Play Centre Toy Review




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Price - £40.00


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Value for money - ★★★★★

Style - ★★★★★

Quality - ★★★★★

Durability - ★★★★★




iCandy says:


Combining a rear-view safety mirror and soft activity toys, this car play centre secures over the rear headrest. The mirror can be detached and used separately from the soft toys.

What's on the box


The Koala In Car Play Centre is a rear view safety mirror cleverly disguised in a fun play centre that secures over the rear headrest with Velcro and then clips around the headrest bars. Featuring a crinkling rainbow, a rattling Koala and a chime bell Scotty Snail - with an added teether - the mirror can be detached and used separately from the car toy. 


First impressions of the Taf Toys Koala In Car Play Centre



Real World Reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Ciaran, who tested the Taf Toys Koala In Car Play Centre

Action Play/Stop

"The Koala car toys have a great design, which is simple, but also visually and aesthetically appeasing. Platform for the toys is adjustable which I think it a fantastic feature to be able to be reachable for babies at different stages of their development. The toys encourage babies to kick as they go along, which helps stimulate them and promotes their coordination. The matching mini mirror and how well this sits with the toy platform, again is really easy to install and having the option of matching products is a bonus."


- Victoria

"I was really impressed with the Koala In Car Play Centre! It arrived in a really nicely packaged box with a clear front so you can see all of the different toys. I also really liked that this product came with a car mirror that you can attach to your headrest in addition to the toys for your child. It is full of bright colours and different types and textures of toys which any child would love. The in car play centre is also really easy to install as it just clips to your headrest and then can be easily adjusted with the Velcro straps. The mirror was also very easy to attach to the head rest and change the angle."


- Amy

"We were very impressed with the Koala In Car Play Centre and the whole family loved the Koala design. The snail seemed to be a firm favourite for our little one and he enjoyed the teething ring. It is fun, brightly coloured and provided many happy hours of entertainment for our little one on both long and short car trips. The added mirror was a bonus as it fitted in perfectly against the headrest and allowed us to view our little one easily and enjoy watching him playing and having fun. It definitely eased our minds when travelling knowing that we could keep an eye on him but that he was happy and content to be on his own in the back."


- Ciaran


Did the Taf Toys Koala In Car Play Centre keep your baby entertained while travelling in the car?




Hours of entertainment

"Yes, it kept our baby entertained for many happy hours." - Ciaran

"Yes, it kept our little one entertained throughout our car journeys."


- Victoria

"Yes, my son loved playing with the different toys. I think there is a good range of toys in all different colours and textures."


- Amy


Would you recommend the Koala In Car Play Centre?






Yes - My baby loves kicking along to this product while I was driving, which was great as they usually do not like car journeys. I feel these toys are a really good stimulation to distract babies and infants who may not be a big fan of the car seats. I would recommend these to family and friends, while I feel the price of the product is quite high, when considering what is being received for this price, I feel it is really good value for money, notably because the mini mirror, which matches the design is also included.


- Victoria




Yes - We would recommend the Koala In Car Play Centre to other parents as it allows you to keep an eye on your baby while driving due to the addition of the baby car mirror and it keeps your baby happily entertained with the cute characters on the play centre. We loved the scrunchy rainbow and the Koala that rattled and we thought that the snail was super cute. We loved the addition of a teething ring on the snail which was just what our baby needed as he is teething. It was brightly coloured and fun which meant that we didn’t have to worry about our little one when he was in the car as he played happily or chatted to himself or us in the mirror.


- Ciaran




Yes - I would 100% recommend the Koala In Car Play Centre to other parents. As it features the different toys plus the baby car mirror I think it is excellent value for money! It is super easy to install in your car and the Velcro straps make it really simple to change the height of the toys so your child can reach them. I also really liked that this play centre had a curve along the top so it is very easy to still see you child using the mirror. The entire play centre is made of really quality materials, keeps children entertained and has a neutral design so suitable for any child.


- Amy


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Our review panel was unanimous in their praise for this car play centre and its multifunctionality as a reassuring in-car safety mirror to be used by parents, as well as the entertaining toys to be enjoyed by baby. Whilst they did feel it was on the pricier side, the high quality of the play centre, as well as the fact that the toys and mirror can be separated to adapt as baby grows, meant that they felt the price was justified. Our mini reviewers enjoyed the variety of toy textures on offer, from the crinkling rainbow to the rattling koala and chiming snail - the teething ring in particular was a big hit.

iCandy Recommends

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