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Proud Mama Natural Sensory Play Set




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Value for money - ★★★½☆

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iCandy says:


A natural alternative to sensory play that offers a variety of textures, sounds and smells. A great gift item, although perhaps more suited to older babies.

What's on the box


Sensory play is now recognised as a vital part of baby's development. It's never too early to start encouraging them to explore their senses. We've created this set with baby and toddler in mind.

The box includes: 1 x Wooden Egg Shaker, 2 x Wood Log Slices, 4 x Real Food Grade Dried Orange And Lemon Fruit Slices, 1 x Wooden Peg Doll, 1 x Wooden Honey Spoon / Stirrer, 1 x Bundle Of Willow Sticks, 10 x Fabric Autumn Leaves, 3 x Pine Cones, 1 x Bell Cup Seed Pod, 1 x White Ostrich Feather.




First impressions of the Proud Mama Natural Sensory Play Set 



"My first impression with this play set was how natural the items were and the different types of texture of each item in the set. The package and presentation was really great to see, especially how neatly each item was packed inside and the good use of packaging that can be recycled at the end. The quality of each item was really great and you can see a lot of thought and consideration was put into this set."


- Izzah

"On first impression, the display of this box is clearly well thought out - the introduction, the list of items and their potential uses and the addition of two tea bag sachets is a nice touch! This is a simple set to give the user ideas on how to use the natural world to help little ones explore, without the bright lights and bold colours. The sense that you could create this at home is, in my mind, entirely the point of this selection - it’s essentially someone's treasure hunt. Though some objects are a little beyond my 3 month old to "play" with, he's still very much enjoying the textures and sounds, the little wooden egg is such a delightful all-rounder for this! All in all a nice box for sparking imagination in both child and parent."


- Shona

"An original concept compared to other sensory play sets but I felt like it was a bit beige."


- Pav


Did the Proud Mama Natural Sensory Play Set include everything you expected?





"There was a leaflet explaining each item and included ideas on how to incorporate these into play." - Pav


"The leaflet detailed what the items can be used for, which is both an essential and standard piece to add in. The mix of textures, shapes and materials is good and a nice introduction to playing outdoors."


- Shona

"We used all the props during baby’s sensory play session with supervision. The item most effective was the wooden egg shaker."


- Izzah


Would you recommend the Proud Mama Natural Sensory Play Set?






I would highly recommend this Proud Mama Natural sensory as it's different to other types of sensory play sets out there, especially with all the natural resources used, from the actual contents to the packaging itself. This would be a great gift for any child to help aid their development and sensory play - you really can’t go wrong. It offers a unique way of exploring different textures and sounds - my 2 month old baby particulalry enjoyed the wooden egg shaker as he is currently discovering sound and it really gets his attention.


- Izzah




The box is a lovely idea for a present for an outdoor loving family or, at the opposite end, those in a town or big city. I would recommend this box to aspiring earth mums and also to those hoping that their little ones develop the independence to go and create their own fun wherever they are. Really it’s aimed at an older child with fine motor skills, but there are items in there suitable for a baby. The ostrich feather moves so beautifully and clearly feels lovely on my little one’s skin, the wooden egg rattle is just a simple, beautiful object to hold and shake, the leaves are an eye catching item for little ones to watch fall (apparently a nice mouthfeel too) and the honey dipper is clearly going to be a lovely, natural teething object.


- Shona




No... my baby is only three months old. I didn’t think the items were age appropriate and of the items I could use, I found my baby didn’t interact well with them. This could be because he has a preference for bright colours. I think an older toddler or child would enjoy this though.


- Pav


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iCandy Recommends

Our review panel loved the natural items in this sensory set as well as the recyclable packaging. Overall, our testers liked the neutral tone of the contents, but one tester did feel there could have been more colour. They were impressed with the appearance of the box and presentation of the items within as well as the inclusion of tea sachets for parents, making it a great giftable.

iCandy Recommends

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