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iCandy says:


A diverse selection of colourful sensory aids to create a fun and educational sensory experience at home.

What's on the box


Our deluxe box has all the goodness of a starter box plus so much more! We have designed this box based on all of the props we wish we had for our children at the beginning of our sensory journey. We have included items that will be great for building lots of skills and can be used in a variety of ways to stimulate and engage your baby.




Real world reviews

Hear from two of our parent reviewers - Shona and Pav - who tested the Amazon Baby Sensory Set.

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First impressions of the Amazon Baby Sensory Set 



"First impressions of this set was the amazing packaging and presentation of each of the items in the box. The box was packed full with pops of colour, with many items of different shapes and sizes for sensory play. Each item in this Amazon Baby Sensory Set is really useful, especially when introducing colour, texture, smell and sound to my 2 month old son. The differing shaped and sized products in this set are really great with development at this stage of early learning, as they offer my 2 month old son lots of great sensory play options during tummy time."


- Izzah

"This is the perfect starter kit. The range of toys and sensory aids is terrific, all wrapped up in an unassuming box. On opening the tissue paper you’re met by a riot of colour, texture and fun! Everything in the box catches your eye and even has nostalgic appeal. There are soft toys, shiny things, flashing lights, bath time fun, bubbles, simple noise makers and the ever wonderful punchy balloon! With classes booked solid and limited access to facilities, this box with its “how to” guide (although the items are fairly self-explanatory) is the perfect present right now in light of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions."


- Shona

"Great packaging and impressed with the contents."


- Pav


Did the Amazon Baby Sensory Set include everything you expected?





"The item most effective in this set has to be the foil blanket especially with the texture and sound it offers." - Izzah


"This box has it all. Textures, colour, movement, rewarding toys, new visual experiences, new sounds and a new puppet friend! I think this box ticks, well, all the boxes."


- Shona

"Yes - everything was bright colours, the leaflet was a great guide to help me introduce the items into playtime with baby. My baby interacted well with the puppet alongside five little ducks nursery rhyme. He loved the bubbles, the lanyard he was able to track and kept his attention. The variation in the box gives you a lot to play and interact with."


- Pav


Would you recommend the Amazon Baby Sensory Set?






When recommending the Amazon Baby Sensory set personally it would be 50/50 recommendation to parents as there was a lot of hit and misses with some of the items in this set, especially the light up ball (which did not work). Overall this box would be a great gift to any parent when introducing sensory play to their baby/child for the first time as you have many items, colours, smells and texture to play around with. As my son is only 2 months old he is still developing and exploring. The most effective item in this set has to be the foil blanket especially with the texture and sound that the foil blanket makes when my son is lying down on his back.


- Izzah




I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a way to introduce new visual and textural sensations to their baby! The two light up toys are fascinating for my little one and something I hadn't thought much about: turn off the lights, pop the little duck into a Tupperware with water and create a brand new visual sensation! Team the spiky, flashing ball with the foil blanket and create a sensory den that’ll delight you both. The fox cube is my personal favourite, it’s soft and light and I love the pattern. It’s a great rewarding item for my little one, with noise and movement he can create. I could sit and write all day about all the items, but the big win is the little booklet that gives you an idea as to what they can all be used for. Local sensory classes are booked solid, so being able to play at home with some guidance is a great comfort - no bored babies.


- Shona




Yes - felt like it was a good set with varied items that could be used while singing. Maybe add an explanation for each item though - I didn’t know what the dried orange was meant to be used for until I googled it and realised it was for smell stimulation.


- Pav


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Our review panel was impressed with the colour and variety this sensory box offered, as well as the included play guide which suggests different ways the items can be used. Whilst one reviewer received a faulty light-up ball, all testers were delighted with the overall sensory experience they were able to create for their child with this set.

iCandy Recommends

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