Picking a baby name

Picking a baby name

Some parents will already have the names of their future family in place, with everything meticulously planned from an early stage. However, the majority of parents are unsure on what name their little baby will be known by, sometimes remaining undecided until the trip home with their little one from the Hospital.


If you remain unsure, we offer a few pointers which could help steer you in the right direction towards finding your perfect baby name.


Why not be original?


One way to go is to be original, celebrities in recent times have used an array of different names, from Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy, to iCandy parents Victoria and David Beckham, who named their daughter Harper Seven; thinking of something original is very much the trend at the moment. What’s more, the popularity of the TV show “Game of Thrones” has seen the name Tyrion appear in the list of the top baby names 2015!


Favourite Actor


Is there an Actor out there that you and your partner just love, was Brendan Fraser in the Mummy your guilty pleasure film, or perhaps Scarlett Johansen starred in the film from your first date; so many couples have a film which is special to them alone. Why not name your baby after that Actor, or the character they portrayed in the film.


Say it out loud


Practice a name that rolls of the tongue, a snappy name is always advised, though watch out for initial fails and potential awkward nicknames! It can be extremely easy to overlook such details and it is only months later you realise the awkward naming fail. Write it down, ask other people to say it back to you, and think about whether it has a ring to it.


Pick a name with a meaning behind it


Possibly pick a name with a special meaning behind it. For instance, Jason is the English form of the Greek name Lasen, which means heal. Whilst Emily derives from the Latin name Aemillia, which means striving and eager.  Moreover, you could name your little one after a relative or a personal friend who has played an important role in your life.




If you already have children then it is a good idea to check you can list them all without stumbling over their names or becoming tongue-tied. If all your children have long names, you might get quite tired of saying them all one after the other.


Nonetheless, careful planning of a name can very easily go out of the window once you first welcome your little one to the world. Sometimes the desired name just doesn’t feel right, it is not uncommon for a name to only feel fitting once you have held the baby in your arms. Therefore try not to dwell or fret if you are yet to have a name for your new arrival, inspiration can always strike at the most random of times.

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