My iCandy Style- Quality

My iCandy Style- Quality

Quality represents one of the core principles of our brand, it is a pillar of the iCandy ethos, a statement of intent, and a promise of excellence. Fundamentally every pushchair we create is built to provide the highest standard of safety and quality.  What’s more, every iCandy pushchair is a reflection of personal style, which is infused with supreme functionality where only the very finest materials are used in the pursuit of perfection.

iCandy Quality

Quality is reflected in every aspect of the business, from the very top tier downwards, this notion transcends throughout the entire DNA of the company. Everything we do is highly personal and designed to inspire every life it touches. Our team of technicians are all experts in their respective fields, whether this be in the marketing and buying departments, or the tech and warehouse teams. Quality is of paramount importance to us, it forms the basis of iCandy’s prestigious standing within the industry, and is responsible for the esteem in which we are regarded. When it came to finding a parent who represented the very notion of quality, we only had to look internally for inspiration. Graham Boyle is the Head of Buying at iCandy and is responsible for ensuring that all items used for an iCandy pushchair are of the highest quality and desirability.

We are always exacting with our attention to the finer details, the quest to create the definitive luxury pushchair demands a keen attention to the specifics. iCandy’s dedication to quality has been reflected through the various awards we have collected, most notably Which? Best Buy’s, Red Dot Design awards, and the highly coveted Queens Award. The iCandy range is synonymous with quality, the Peach has been the flagship model of the brand since 2009. Built with only the finest materials, and design expertise, the iCandy Peach has attained a special place in the nursery industry.

My iCandy Style- Phantom Beluga

Graham has been at iCandy for over 7 years, he is responsible for sourcing all the materials used by iCandy. Graham is a meticulous individual in his personal life, he also has a strong interest in fashion, and is extremely demanding in wanting the very best for his growing family of twins. Graham needs effective transportation for his twins, the Peach is the perfect complement to his busy family life, it slots into his lifestyle with its high quality functionality and head-turning class. Graham brings the same personality and demand for quality into his working life as the Head Buyer for iCandy. Under his intense scrutiny we refuse to compromise on sourcing the very best materials for our pushchairs, we refuse to accept any limitations in the pursuit of perfection. If you want to recreate Graham's My iCandy style, please visit your local stockist as this is an independents only colourway.

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