Meet Steve and Andrea, the iCandy Fitness Team

Meet Steve and Andrea, the iCandy Fitness Team

iCandy are delighted to introduce the latest duo to join their team of iC experts, who will contribute their considerable knowledge to this webpage in order to help make a parent’s life easier.

Fit-pro’s Steve and Andrea Bond will be on hand to provide nutritional tips, along with fitness points for staying in shape after having a baby. They are always researching the growing amount of materials on healthy eating, whilst keeping an eye on topics of concern for parents regarding the amount of sugar, fat and grease in a child’s diet. No strangers to the many facets they will cover, Steve and Andrea have a combined experience of over 30 years as professional coaches. Steve was once a competitive rugby player, golfer and sprinter in his younger days, whilst Andrea boasts a competitive swimming background.

They have both been educated extensively and regularly attend professional development courses, ensuring they’re at the cutting edge within the fitness industry. Steve and Andrea’s CV of people they have worked with includes numerous sports stars such as a former European Ryder Cup winning captain, GB athletes, GB white water rafting, Premiership rugby players, Ulster RFC, and World Wrestling Entertainment superstars. They have also worked with a number of recording artists from The Who; Take That, Rhianna to Madonna, Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel and many more.

Both Steve and Andrea have children together and are more than aware of the pressures facing parents on a day to day basis. Their aim is to help educate parents and clarify the conflicting information on healthy lifestyle choices. Each month Steve and Andrea will provide content which will most definitely be of interest to fitness fanatics and parents unsure of what they or their children should be eating to maintain a healthy diet.  

Steve and Andrea join a growing list of iC Experts, check out the bio below to get to know them a little better in their own words as they introduce themselves to the iC community.

“We’ve worked with numerous clients both here in the UK and internationally. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds including professional sports, Royalty, the entertainment industry, Captains of industry and ordinary Joe and Janes like ourselves.

We’ve had many notable achievements in our work. From helping clients move better post-surgery, ensuring rugby players are fit for purpose, and helping golfers strike the ball further. We also provide meal plans for weight gain/loss and assist numerous mums in getting back to their pre pregnancy shape.

There’s so much conflicting information in the world of the internet and we’d like to provide some simple, honest and down to earth advice on nutrition, exercise and mind-set that will help parents in their quest to retain some form of sanity. This is why it is great to have the opportunity to work with a luxury brand such as iCandy, who can provide us with an outlet to share this information with parents. We work with parents in this market and have done for many years; we understand their wants and needs. We’ve worked with many mums and have had excellent results with those wishing to return to their pre pregnancy shape, nutrition and exercise are key in this process.

Furthermore, we’re parents to Conor and Michael, a couple of lunatic sons. Conor is an aspirational musician and his brother Michael is hoping to play professional rugby. We’re acutely aware how difficult, stressful and tiring bringing up a family can be.

Information in our early family days came via carrier pigeon and the immediate access we have to the internet in 2016 simply wasn’t there in those days. We just asked our parents for advice, however, that advice can contain as many booby traps as the internet.

We’ve had our fair share of trips to A&E as the boys have a tendency to injure themselves, over the years we’ve found that a common sense approach with our sons to most things normally works, otherwise their mother gives them a stern talking to. Kids don’t come with books attached to their umbilical cords. Little Johnny won’t be the first nor the last little Johnny on the planet. No need to panic as someone, somewhere will have been through every situation you may encounter during the years as your children grow.

We don’t claim to be perfect, far from it, however the mistakes we make are how we learn to grow as people and your children will be no different.

We’re here to provide some simple, sensible advice on exercise for parents and kids along with what food choices can be useful to keep you healthy along the way.”

Steve and Andrea are currently working towards a new venture within their business offering, Bond Fitness Spaces. This is specifically aimed at those wishing to have a gym space at home. Both Steve and Andrea work with clients on a daily basis, they are uniquely positioned to ascertain each client’s precise needs and design a gym around their goals, thereby ensuring that none of the equipment ends up turning into an expensive clothes horse.

We look forward to working with the pair and are confident they will provide parents with plenty of useful knowledge, along with top tips to get back into shape.

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