iCandy Recommends - Sleep & Postnatal Products Spotlight

iCandy Recommends - Sleep & Postnatal Products Spotlight


Have you checked out iCandy Recommends? Our brand new, completely impartial review service dedicated to providing expectant or new parents with advice and guidance on a range of nursery products and services.


So far, our parent testers have put sleep related baby products and postnatal recovery products to the test, providing in-depth reviews on all tested items. The products were purchased by iCandy and sent to the reviewers to use in their daily lives for 2 weeks. In this blog, we're hearing from sleep and postnatal recovery experts to get their thoughts too. 




Sleep is a hot topic for new parents and there are so many products out there that claim to ease the bedtime routine or help baby sleep through the night, but what do you really need? iCandy’s parent testers put the essentials to the test – sleep aids, room thermometers and sleeping bags.


We asked Sam Saunders, aka The Baby Guru, why these sleep related products are an important consideration for parents:


“The Baby Guru is a firm believer in positive, consistent sleep cues for naps and bedtimes. Putting on a sleeping bag helps to keep baby snug and cosy, while continuous white noise helps to mask any sounds that may wake your little one early from their nap or during the night. An easy-to-read thermometer gives reassurance that the room is the recommended 16-20 degrees.” 


Read the full sleep product reviews here.


The Baby Guru

The Baby Guru




Our parent testers also reviewed postnatal related products, putting nipple creams, nursing pillows and stretch mark/scar treatments to the test.


iCandy has been in touch with the expert team at The 360 Mama – Hannah, Chloe and Emma are on a mission to ‘encourage women to prioritise self-care to feel healthier and stronger than ever before, ready to take on everything motherhood has to offer”. We caught up with the team to find out why the postnatal related products iCandy’s parent review panel put to the test are an important consideration for parents:


“The 360 Mama complete postnatal recovery programmes are your one-stop destination to heal from birth. Regaining a sense of self whilst also future-proofing your health is vital to thriving in motherhood. For C-section mamas, scar massage is a powerful tool for aiding your recovery and a good scar oil can really help with this. Correct posture for things like breastfeeding can have a big impact on your comfort levels and is supported by using a nursing pillow and nipple cream”. 


Read the full postnatal product reviews here.


The 360 Mama

The 360 Mama


Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming real parent feedback on weaning aids and sensory toys. 

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