The iCandy Peach in Primrose

The iCandy Peach in Primrose

In what is an early Christmas surprise from everyone at iCandy, the first edition of the iCandy 2016 pushchair Collection can now be bought exclusively on our online store.


Keep an eye out on our social media channels and iC Life as we will be introducing the other colourways throughout the next six months. After the recent buzz regarding the new Peach pushchair at the Olympia Baby Show, London, we have eagerly been awaiting 2016 and unveiling the new Peach to the public for general sale.


We are renowned for products which personify style and fashion, our new colourways are a reflection of modern day styling, and they offer each parent a degree of customisation when buying an iCandy pushchair. With all of our Peach pushchairs, parents are already aware that they are guaranteed unparalleled functionality. Therefore, the colours are a reflection of each individual’s style and taste, a chance to show off your personality as a parent.


The Peach enjoyed its fifth birthday earlier this year, with the milestone duly celebrated with the release of our stunning Designer Collection, which become the envy of high streets the world over. We can now move in to 2016 with Primrose being the first of this new and exciting generation. The Primrose Peach will herald the beginning of a host of new iCandy innovations, which will help make a parent’s life easier, and increase functionality yet even further.


Pushing at the precipice of technology already, the new Peach boasts a leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, which further enhances that feeling of luxury with every push. What’s more, we have revolutionised our 5 point buckle harness by adding a quick release feature, which once more aids the functionality of the pushchair. This pioneering buckle will be added to the entire iCandy range moving forward into 2016.


Keep your eyes peeled as there may be further surprises planned on the iCandy online store over the next couple of weeks. 


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