iCandy Lime Lifestyle is an IndyBest Buy!

iCandy Lime Lifestyle is an IndyBest Buy!


The ultimate go-to when it comes to tried and tested product reviews, The Independent’s ‘Indy Best’ buying guides are a brilliant resource to find out everything you need to know about a product before making a purchase.


In the latest round of IndyBest testing, whereby they “tested more than 20 prams to whittle it down to the very best”, the iCandy Lime Lifestyle was named ‘best overall’ and given a coveted IndyBest Buy.



Indy Best 2021

Indy Best 2021

Real families put the pushchair through its paces and no challenge was off limits… “we’ve walked and ran for miles over all different terrains, from country paths to city streets in the rain, wind and sunshine, to find the standout prams. We looked at how easy they are to use – both pushing and folding – how comfortable they seem, and any nice little extras that made us think, “Oooh, clever”.


There must have been lots of ‘ooohs’ over the iCandy Lime Lifestyle as the testers were impressed by everything, from the pushchair’s TotalFold function which enables it to be folded with the seat unit and bumper bar still attached, to the innovative built in Ride-on Board.


The impressive functionality of the iCandy Lime Lifestyle is designed to make a busy family life on the go easier and there were certain features that really impressed the testers… “The Lime comes with a fleece-lined bassinet included, which sounds absolutely dreamy – who wouldn’t want to sleep in a fleecy nest? Plus, it’s suitable for overnight sleeping, which is great if you don’t have a travel cot or moses basket. There are attachments both for car seats and to raise the seat up further, so it’s about the right height for your child to reach a dining table – great for not having to faff about with high chairs at restaurants. And as for the drive, the push is easy and the chair nips along nicely. This is a great option for city dwellers who want a bit more luxury from their ride”.


Plus, the fact that the iCandy Lime Lifestyle bundle includes everything you need to take baby from birth to 25kg, including a changing bag and Duo Pod means this travel system comes out on top for value too.


So, if you are looking for the best pram for you and your family, then IndyBest has done the hard work for you and made it simple with their final verdict... “The iCandy Lime was a standout player on testing. We loved how robust yet manoeuvrable it is, and it’s packed with design features that really make a difference to parents’ lives". 


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