iCandy Duo Podcast - Dr Ben Weiner

iCandy Duo Podcast - Dr Ben Weiner

Welcome to iCandy’s podcast – The iCandy Duo Podcast! From celebrity parents to experts on pregnancy, host Naomi Williams asks guests the questions you’re desperate to get the answers to! The iCandy Duo Podcast is brought to you by iCandy World, makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.


In episode 17, the final show of the season, Naomi chats to chartered clinical psychologist Dr. Ben Weiner. With a holistic approach to each and every client, he supports children, families and adults with psychological and neuropsychological difficulties. We caught up with Dr. Ben to talk about the easing of lockdown restrictions and the complicated emotions this may cause for many families, especially as children start attending school again. Through his experience and expertise we gain a deeper understanding of emotional responses and behaviour within children and the things parents can keep in mind when it comes to navigating these feelings. 




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Dr Ben Weiner’s Recommended Resources:



Resources produced by the British Psychological Society:







Book Resources:



  • The Whole Brain Child - a very readable book with 12 proven strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind.







Web Resources:



  • Young Minds is a fantastic charity, specifically about young people’s mental health.



  • Aha! Parenting is a hub of great articles and books, written by clinical psychologist Dr. Laura Markham.


  • Safe Hands Thinking Minds - Karen Treisman has written some great activity books to discuss certain topics with young people.


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