Healthy Living this Christmas- with iCandy Fitness Expert Korin Nolan

Healthy Living this Christmas- with iCandy Fitness Expert Korin Nolan

Check out my top tips in my latest video to help you keep weight gain at bay over the festive period.

Furthermore, if you’d like the recipes for my healthy canapes, then they are below the following video. I’ve not added the quantities as it will depend how many you’d like to make, but they are quite simple to work out.

Tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella Sticks


Cherry tomatoes

Fresh Basil

Mini Mozzarella balls

Decorative cocktail sticks

Simply arrange the ingredients on cocktail sticks and serve.

Cajun Prawns on Sweet Potato crisps


Large sweet potatoes

Coconut oil or olive oil spray

Ripe Avocados

Low fat crème fraiche


Salt and pepper

Fresh prawns

Cajun spice

How to prepare:

Slice the sweet potato finely and place on a baking tray spread out, so that they don’t overlap. Lightly spray all the potatoes on both sides with an oil spray and bake in a medium oven for fifteen minutes.

To make the guacamole, mash the avocados, add a dollop of crème fraiche, a good squeeze of fresh lemon and season to taste.

To make the prawns, add a little oil to a hot pan and fry. After 30 seconds or so add the Cajun spice to coat the prawns well and cook until the prawns have turned pink.

To assemble, add a dollop of guacamole on top of each sweet potato slice and top with a prawn. Serve.

Smoked Salmon Chicory Boats



Smoked salmon


Low fat soft cheese

How to prepare:

To make the filling, finely slice/cube the smoked salmon and cucumber into tiny pieces and mix with the cream cheese.

Display the chicory leaves on a plate and add the filling to each leaf. Serve.

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