Welcome to iCandy Dads' Club

Welcome to iCandy Dads' Club

Welcome to iCandy Dads Club 


What is Dads Club?


Entering fatherhood can be such a fun yet daunting time. In fact, entering any new stage in your life can be scary - let alone having the responsibility of a child!


But, you are not alone. We are so excited to launch iCandy Dads Club as a safe space for Dad’s to share their experiences in Fatherhood - and have a little bit of fun.


What can I expect to see? 


We will be joined by Dads across the country to provide you with fun, interesting and exciting games, challenges, and activities.


We will also be covering topics such as mental health, cooking, fitness, baby bonding, and much much more!


How can I get involved? 


It's super easy!


1) Follow us on social media to be kept up to date on all things Dads Club


2) Sign up to our mailing list for an exclusive first look at what is to come.


3) Share your day-to-day Dad life with us, using #iCandyDadsClub 

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