Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital


iCandy is a proud corporate partner of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and has been fundraising for GOSH since 2016.


iCandy was extremely proud to raise £100,000 towards the development of a brand-new enclosed isolation recovery bay at the hospital. Each individual bay is designed to reduce the risk of cross-infection and enable staff to closely observe each patient’s condition, providing quick access to a child in case of emergency. Since reaching the £100,000 fundraising milestone for GOSH, iCandy continues to support the hospital through charitable giving across the business. 


One truly astonishing aspect of GOSH is their dedication to providing the very best care and support for both the children and their parents who experience unimaginable stress when their children become sick. It is this unparalleled approach to looking after the whole family, along with their kind-hearted staff which has made GOSH such a loved and appreciated organisation worldwide. 


iCandy Joint CEO, Bradley Appel said, “As both a family and a family business we are so happy to be working so closely with GOSH to not only raise vital funds for them but also to promote awareness of the incredible work that is undertaken there. 


"We were delighted back in August 2015 to welcome the birth of our beautiful granddaughter, Eve Hettie. 24 hours after her birth a diagnosis was made of an abdominal teratoma tumour and within a further 24 hours she was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Despite many weeks spent at GOSH, including both chemotherapy and surgery, Eve passed away aged just over 10 weeks.


"The incredible care that Eve received there was not just confined to Eve but also to Eve’s parents and even us as Grandparents, particularly during the nights that we had the privilege to have sleep overs with her there. The astonishing care from every single shining star that we encountered at GOSH be they nurses, medical staff from so many disciplines, social workers and ancillary staff.


"To GOSH the only way that we feel we can truly reflect our gratitude is to go forward shouting from the rooftops about the inspirational work that is carried out there, not just for the children of our city and country but also for the many children that we saw arriving there from around the world.


"Eve Hettie was the first member of the 5th generation of our family at iCandy and in her name we endeavour to support GOSH in any way that we can”.


From such sadness, positives must try and be found, and the memory of Eve has become the driving force behind all fundraising efforts with GOSH. The exceptional care Eve and her family received from GOSH shall never be forgotten and will forever be appreciated.




iCandy is also proud to support GOSH by providing the hospital with modified pushchairs designed by iCandy that can be used by children with cardiac conditions.


GOSH Charity facilitated feedback and comments from the hospital’s nurses which helped iCandy to design a pushchair prototype that would be functional, whilst providing a safe and comfortable environment for children. Modifications to the iCandy Strawberry include a strap to secure medical tubing and a buckle to secure an oxygen tank. An adapted harness also allows children who require complex medical equipment to sit in comfort.

Bradley and Warren Appel meet with Director of Corporate Partnerships at GOSH, Amit Aggarwal.



Bradley recognised the need for a pushchair of this kind through his family’s personal experience, “The modified strawberry concept came into my mind when I was at GOSH with my granddaughter. At 10 weeks old it was amazing when staff gave us the opportunity to take her out into the big wide world, leave the hospital confines and just go for a normal walk- what families really want to do”.

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