Overcoming Morning Sickness

Overcoming Morning Sickness

Katie Hilton, iCandy’s expert Midwife and Health visitor, today discusses some key tips on attempting to overcome Morning Sickness. Whilst there is no sure fire way to overcome the symptoms of Morning Sickness, these tips may help make symptoms more manageable for a number of expecting mums.

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but the morning sickness so often associated with early pregnancy can make that first trimester a chore. Roughly 70% of women experience some degree of morning sickness during early pregnancy, with some people experiencing symptoms all day. Morning sickness can occur as early as 6 weeks and peaks around weeks 8-9, usually disappearing somewhere between weeks 12-14.

Check out my top tips to help you get through morning sickness and start to really enjoy your pregnancy.

  • Sniff Away – Morning sickness is often associated with various smells and certain scents can really turn your tummy. The hormone oestrogen, which is responsible for your sense of smell, is surging around your body during pregnancy. I suggest carrying around a bottle of scent such as lemon or ginger extract and taking a sneaky sniff when you feel the need!
  • Forget Work – If you’re finding getting out of bed and dragging yourself to work is making your morning sickness worse, then don’t do it! Either take a sick day or better still take some annual leave, give yourself a break… you are growing a baby after all!
  • Speak Up – Be vocal to those around you and allow them to help alleviate your morning sickness. Your family probably doesn’t realise that certain scents are making you queasy or certain foods are getting your gag reflex going. Let them know the little changes they can make to help you feel better!
  • Keep Hydrated – It seems so obvious, but drinking eight glasses of water a day can feel like a huge chore when you can’t keep anything down. However, it’s important to keep hydrated, the more dehydrated you become, the more nauseous you will feel. If you’re really struggling try drinks of different temperatures, munching on ice cubes or even eating something salty, which might trigger your thirst.
  • Keep to What Works – It’s important to ensure you get some food into your body. Every expectant mother is different and what works for one won’t work for another. Some women find bland, carbohydrate rich foods such as cereal and crackers work well, whilst others prefer something refreshing and cold like fruit and ice-lollies.
  • Little and Often – Many women find that grazing little and often throughout the day settles their stomach. When your stomach is empty, stomach acids build up which can make your nausea worse. Keeping your tummy just a little full is a great defense against morning sickness. I would suggest keeping a stash of snack foods nearby, nibble before you get out of bed, throughout the day, and a little at night before going to sleep.
  • Consider Ginger – Ginger has long been known to soothe the stomach and help ease nausea. Try adding a slice of ginger to hot water or tea, drinking ginger ale, munching on crystalized ginger and eating ginger biscuits.
  • Distractions – It’s not easy to ignore that feeling of nausea, but finding something to temporarily take your mind of your sickness might help. Read a book, play a game, go for a walk. Some expectant mothers even find exercise settles their tummies.
  • Survival Kit – Another downside of morning sickness, puking in public! Put yourself together a survival kit to make this situation bearable and be sure not to leave home without it. Fill a toiletry bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash to freshen up afterwards. It’s also useful to carry a clean top and a carrier bag for those can’t hold it in moments.
  • Take a Holistic Approach – Consider using alternative remedies to treat your morning sickness. Acupressure wristbands work fabulously by applying a light pressure to the inside of the wrist, believed to be the spot related to nausea. You could also consider acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy oils such as peppermint, lemon and ginger.
  • Lie Down – Sometimes the best treatment is the simplest. Try lying down for a short period of time, closing your eyes and doing some deep breathing exercises. If you have trouble relaxing try wearing a sleep mask to block out bright light.
  • Consider Medication – If you’re struggling to keep anything down, water included then it’s time to see your doctor. You may need to temporarily take an anti-sickness medication to alleviate the effects of your morning sickness. Don’t worry about the medications harming your baby; your doctor will only prescribe those that are safe.
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