My iCandy Style- The iCandy Peach Campaign

My iCandy Style- The iCandy Peach Campaign

With the launch of the new iCandy Peach pushchair, we wanted to demonstrate its appeal and flexibility to fit with all parenting journey's, and make this a key part of the marketing message behind the latest version of our iconic flagship model, and resident style icon. The new Peach campaign centres upon the lives of four distinct individuals, all champions within their respective fields. These individuals are real iCandy parents who come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. These four personalities share different beliefs, careers, personality and sense of personal style. Each star of the campaign has selected an iCandy Peach combination relevant to them, they have all selected a pushchair which reflects their personal values. Each iCandy pushchair is a reflection upon their personality and caters towards their individual lifestyles. These  are real parents, who love the iCandy brand, and want to share their Peach journey with fellow iCandy parents.

Introducing #MyiCandyStyle

We invited four distinct personalities to create their very own Peach pushchair to showcase how simple it is for parents around the world to customise their very own Peach stroller, and have a pushchair which is a reflection upon their very own personal sense of style. In an iCandy first for the Peach pushchair, parents will now be able to create their dream fabric and frame combination from the options available, courtesy of iCandy’s innovative ‘Peach visualiser’.

Parents will have the option to create their own bespoke iCandy by selecting their favourite chassis colour, along with their preferred fabric choice, lending an element of customisation to each pushchair.  In order to highlight this innovative feature, we wanted our four personalities to share their personal iCandy style with fellow iCandy parents, and explain why their chosen configuration presents the perfect synergy with their lifestyle. With the new iCandy Peach, every parent has the option to create a pushchair which is a reflection upon their lifestyle and personal sense of style.

The iCandy Ethos

Over the next four weeks, we will be sharing the story behind our four influencers and their particular pushchair combination. Each individual parent stands for a pillar of the iCandy philosophy, the brand ethos which is as follows… Heritage, Quality, Innovation and Style. Each personality of the Peach campaign coordinates to one of our core brand values. The iCandy Peach is our flagship model, it represents everything iCandy believe in, the pursuit of perfection, an unwavering dedication to high quality, innovation, and stylish designs.

We will soon be sharing the first of our four personalities, the other three will be revealed over the coming weeks. The colourway of indigo on a satin frame was chosen for Heritage, which proved the perfect fit for Alex Gregory MBE, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, Team GB. The Regal looking indigo on a classy satin frame was the perfect fit for both heritage and Alex. Discover why Alex and Heritage are such a great match soon.


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