Meet the Milward Family

Meet the Milward Family

Introducing a new series of stories shared by our extended iCandy family, featuring their much-loved iCandy pushchairs.  


To kick off the series, the Milward family from Bedfordshire share some beautiful memories of their much-loved iCandy Apple 2 Peach pushchair...  


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family... 


I’m Katie, mummy to Leo, Ralph and Maeve, wife to Jonathan and personal chef to our cat, Dottie. I live with the family in Bedfordshire and work part-time as a dance and drama teacher, as well as being a stay-at-home mum - aka CEO of our home. 


Which iCandy pushchair do you have? 


We own the Apple 2 Pear pushchair, along with the bassinet, two seats and the attachments for a car seat. 


A family adventure

A family adventure

When did you buy your iCandy pushchair and where from? 


We purchased our iCandy six years ago back in 2016, from John Lewis in High Wycombe. 



What made you choose an iCandy when you were shopping for your first pushchair? 


We tested a lot of pushchairs, but the iCandy felt so smooth to control, easy to use and looked fab. We knew we were after a pushchair that converted to a double, as we were hoping for two children close together and the fact that we could “stack” the kids was very appealing. I also really liked the amount of space in the huge basket and how sturdy and secure it felt overall.  



What is your favourite feature/element of your iCandy pushchair? 


My favourite element has changed with every child! With my firstborn, Leo, we loved how smooth and simple it was to use as a bassinet - taking it to Spain with us when he was just three weeks old was amazing. Then Ralph arrived and I loved having both boys in the pushchair together when we went for “off road” walks - they always adored being bumped along and giggling, even though it was still super easy to push. Finally, when baby Maeve was around 6 months and I was to and from school and nursery, it was the basket feature that was my favourite.  


The whole family

The whole family

Can you share a treasured memory featuring your iCandy pushchair? 


Putting each of our children in it for the first time will always be my favourite. There’s something about trusting a contraption to hold one of your most precious things - but also, being able to look at what you made. 



Has anyone else in your family or friends used your iCandy? 


Yes! A lot of friends and family have used our pushchair in all its forms, and we’ve not had one complaint. Simple to use, reliable and easy to push - the handlebar changing height is a big pro! 



Do you have a favourite memory or moment with your iCandy pushchair? We’d love to hear it! Please share your story with us via email at  

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