Maternity Fitness Leggings - Korin Nolan

Maternity Fitness Leggings - Korin Nolan

Maternity Fitness Leggings 

Let me start by saying, that all the maternity trousers/leggings I’ve even tried, all fit better towards the end of pregnancy when you’re at your biggest, because your bump helps hold them up! Needless to say, one of the main issues with maternity leggings and trousers is that they fall down, making them quite irritating! As someone who lives in active wear, I have to admit that I’ve become quite snobbish/particular about the leggings I wear and what I expect from them:

  • quality
  • design/style
  • figure-flattering
  • supportive
  • good fabric
  • comfort
  • cost

Being the main things I that take into consideration and with so many amazing brands out there right now, it seems we’re spoilt for choice. I don’t mind spending on a pair of leggings that ticks all the boxes, as I know I’ll get my wear out of them.

However, it seems that in pregnancy, we have to compromise on the high standards that we’ve become accustomed to, which I find soooo frustrating! In fact I find it really bizarre that most of my favorite brands don’t even offer a maternity range, when they are so geared towards women, many of whom fall pregnant at some stage!

I’ll be honest, I think there’s a massive gap in the market for the perfect pair of maternity fitness leggings, as judging from the ones I’ve tried, I don’t think any brand have quite cracked it yet.

Saying that, I’ve relied on three particular pairs throughout this pregnancy, which to be fair have all seen me through my nine months and I’ve worn pretty much day in day out.

Take a look at my video to find out more, and here are the links to the leggings I feature.

The video


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