Lee and Jessica Stafford top hair tips during pregnancy

Lee and Jessica Stafford top hair tips during pregnancy

iCandy have caught up with our favourite celebrity hairdresser, Lee Stafford and his beautiful wife, Jessica-Jane Stafford famously known for starring in the BBC programme, The Real Hustle. We wanted to pick their brains for top hair tips during pregnancy. Lee and Jessica are soon to welcome their second child and their first son, Angel is more than delighted to be sharing his iCandy Peach in Bubblegum with his little sister.

“We are just days away from the arrival of our second bundle of joy, we've had a fabulous pregnancy. Apart from a 3 week bout of morning sickness at the beginning, everything has gone swimmingly. One compliment that I've been getting throughout was how healthy and shiny my hair looks! After my morning sickness had stopped, my hair was thicker, fuller, shinier and seemed to dry faster (loved that!). Now I know having a top hair artist for a husband has helped but we can't forget Mother Nature can we! Unfortunately though, not all mums-to-be have the same experience to the hormone changes that pregnancy brings and I know a few mums who said their hair was the worst it's ever been whilst pregnant.”

To get the best out of your pregnancy hair, here are some Top Hair Tips from Jessica and Lee Stafford:

  • CoCoLoCoIf you have dry hair, like Jess, the hormone changed in pregnancy can make it even dryer so use a deep moisturising treatment once a week and you can even leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. Jess has been using my new Lee Stafford, Coco Loco Coconut hair mask which smells delicious too!
  • Dry_ShaMPOO_ORiGiNAL_Straight_RGBIf you find your hair becomes greasier, only use conditioner on the ends of your hair and
    avoid the roots. Use my Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends Shampoo and Conditioner, and for in-between washes, my Dry Shampoo is a must have to refresh, clean and revitalise. Jess used my Dark Dry Shampoo for her brunette locks during her morning sickness as even washing her hair made her sick!
  • Don't cut your hair! Jess has very long thick hair which at times drove her mad. Cutting your hair thinking it will be easier to manage is often a huge regret for many pregnant women. Long hair can be thrown up into a bun or ponytail when it gets in the way but short hair needs more attention and styling, plus pregnancy can change your face shape and short hair may not look as good as you imagined.
  • Lee Stafford Conditioner Lee Stafford ShampooIf you experience hair loss during pregnancy, this could be due to lack of iron, iodine or protein. Get your doctor/midwife to do a full blood count to rule out any of these deficiencies first. Once ruled out, use my award winning 'Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner' with vital hair and scalp complex which helps to reduce hair loss.
  • If you regularly colour your hair, talk to your doctor first about what sort of colour treatment you want. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, wait until after the first trimester and avoid any chemical processing that touches the skin and scalp to avoid absorption into the blood stream. Jess had an ombré when she was 7 months pregnant with Angel which was fine as it was only he ends and she sat next to the window to reduce the smell!

Jessica rocking the Ombre hairstyle

  • Don't be alarmed if your newly tricked hair suddenly falls out after you've given birth! Hair doesn't actually grow faster or thicker during pregnancy, it's just that less falls out. So once baby is born and oestrogen levels return to normal, so will your hair cycle.

We hope these top tips help with your hair through pregnancy, we would love to hear how you get on! 

Visit Lee Stafford’s website for more info and tips on the award winning hair products mentioned. 

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