Keep Baby Chill

Keep Baby Chill

Practical top tips on the best ways to help baby beat the heat…



  • Most importantly of all, keep baby in the shade, especially during 11am-3pm. Sun cream is not generally recommended for babies under 6 months so it’s even more important for them to be kept out of direct sunlight and covered with loose clothing and a hat- opt for light, breathable and natural fabrics like cotton or muslin.



  • When an oh so welcome breeze cuts through the heat, it’s important that baby gets a waft too! Every iCandy pushchair hood features clever mesh ventilation panels for improved ventilation and temperature comfort. Not only that, but every iCandy hood is SPF50+ to filter out harmful rays and help to protect baby’s delicate skin.



  • Let baby enjoy some nappy free time!



  • As a natural fibre cotton allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric so opt for a 100% cotton pram sheet for the carrycot.



  • Studies conducted by Made for Mums have shown that shading baby’s pushchair with a blanket in hot weather is very dangerous as on a hot day it will significantly increase the temperature within the carrycot. Of course, not providing any coverage for baby is potentially just as dangerous so what is the solution? iCandy has a colourful selection of SPF50+ parasols which are designed to be attached to your iCandy pushchair to keep baby protected from the sun. The flexible arm enables easy positioning and makes sure there’s shade no matter where the sun is in the sky.



  • Many families are fans of the 3 B’s evening formula, ‘Bath, Bottle, Bed’ and whilst the heatwave may be disturbing sleep, don’t let it disturb your baby’s routine. Simply swap to a cooler bath than usual and let them air dry whilst lying on a towel.



  • Reach for the iCandy Screen for cool and calming naptimes. The iCandy Screen features a maximum rated SPF 50+ fabric which effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, whilst the mesh is anti-glare too. The universal fitting screen can be used with every seat unit across the iCandy pushchair range.



  • Check the back of your baby’s neck! Their arms, legs and hands will always be cooler whereas the back of their neck or even their tummy will give the most accurate idea of how hot baby is.



  • A cold flannel/compress gently dabbed on baby’s main pressure points (neck, forehead, temples, inner elbows, backs of knees) will help baby to keep cool.



A cool baby is a happy baby!



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