iCandy Orange 3 - Ready When You Are

A new baby comes with a lot of paraphernalia including a number of 'must-have' items, such as a pushchair or car safety seat that need to be long lasting, durable and high-quality. When it comes to these essentials, it is worth investing in pieces that will not only stand the test of time but adapt with your family as it grows, and the iCandy Orange 3 does just that, making it a great sustainable and economical option for first-time parents. 


One Convenient Bundle


The iCandy Orange 3 comes with everything you need to take baby from birth to 25kg, including a carrycot for newborn to approximately 6 months, as well as a seat unit for 6 months onwards. All iCandy carrycots are approved for permanent overnight sleeping making it the perfect Moses basket or travel cot solution. A coordinating changing bag and a Footmuff and Liner are also included within the bundle option. With everything arriving in one convenient bundle, there is no need for multiple orders from different retailers, keeping delivery emissions to a minimum.


Adapts With Your Family


We are all becoming increasingly aware of our personal impact on the environment, and if you are about to become a parent you may be wondering how to embark on that journey with sustainability in mind. Reusing plays an important part in sustainability as it not only avoids the need for new resources but prevents old resources from entering the waste stream. The iCandy Orange 3 is specifically designed to be reused, so families expecting a second child soon after the first, there is no need to invest in a new double pushchair - simply convert your single iCandy Orange 3 into a double. If families expecting twins, then the single iCandy Orange 3 can be converted into a twin pushchair too.


Once baby is ready to transition to the seat unit (around 6 months), simply take out the frame, bumper bar and canopy from the carrycot and fit them into the seat unit fabric and you’re good to go! This not only saves on materials but is a great example of how iCandy designs their innovative pushchairs with cost, sustainability and storage in mind.


iCandy iService


If your iCandy pushchair is feeling a little tired after intensive use, why not give it a new lease of life with an official iCandy iService. Whether you choose a Platinum or Gold iCandy iService, essential safety tests are included with every service, for complete peace of mind that the brake, folding mechanisms and 5-point safety harness are in perfect working order. This is a great option if you are taking your pushchair out of storage to use with a second child or if you are passing your pushchair onto a new family to enjoy.


Universal Accessories Range


iCandy has an array of universal accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. From re-useable travel cups to cup holders and parasols, all iCandy accessories can be fitted across the range of pushchairs with the simple addition of a model-specific clamp. The option to mix and match accessories is important for iCandy as it not only keeps the collections vibrant and up to date but limits previous model accessories from becoming obsolete, thus keeping them out of landfill.


Read here to find out how the iCandy Orange can fit your family’s lifestyle!

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