iCandy Duo Podcast - The 360 Mama

iCandy Duo Podcast - The 360 Mama

Welcome to season 2 of the iCandy Duo Podcast, hosted by Naomi Williams - a 30-something parent of none baffled by how much is undiscussed in the world of pregnancy and parenthood. She'll be asking the questions you want the answers to on this podcast which is brought to you by iCandy World - makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.


In episode 13 of season 2, Naomi is joined on the iCandy Duo Podcast by The 360 Mama team, three mums who are on a mission to encourage women to prioritise post-natal self-care to feel healthier and stronger than ever before, so you are ready to take on everything motherhood has to offer. We wanted to chat to Hannah, Emma and Chloe, experts in their individual fields as a physiotherapist, soft tissue massage therapist and nutritionist, to get their expert knowledge on healing after birth.





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Check out The 360 Mama online.


Visit The 360 Mama Instagram.


Get in touch with Hannah West - Soft Tissue & Scar Massage Therapist.


Get in touch with Chloe Manlay - Registered Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist & Yoga Teacher.


Get in touch with Emma Bradley - Women's Health Physiotherapist & Pilates Teacher.



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