iCandy Duo Podcast - Midwife Pip

iCandy Duo Podcast - Midwife Pip

Welcome to season 2 of the iCandy Duo Podcast, hosted by Naomi Williams - a 30-something parent of none baffled by how much is undiscussed in the world of pregnancy and parenthood. She'll be asking the questions you want the answers to on this podcast which is brought to you by iCandy World - makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.


In episode 12 of season 2, Naomi is joined on the iCandy Duo Podcast by Pip Davies, a Midwifery Sister on a mission to create a pregnancy wellness movement. Through her antenatal and postnatal support classes, Pip ensures women feel empowered during birth but also well prepared for their parenting journey ahead. From pregnancy to postpartum and everything in between, we wanted to chat to Pip to get the lowdown on what to expect when you’re expecting.




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Show Notes


  • Follow Midwife Pip on Instagram.

  • Check out Midwife Pip's website where you can find all the details to join Pip's exclusive 'Your Pregnancy Journey' course or her Antenatal Courses to ensure you have the most positive, informed and empowering experience. 

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