iCandy Duo Podcast - Lisa McGrillis

iCandy Duo Podcast - Lisa McGrillis

Welcome to iCandy’s podcast – The iCandy Duo Podcast! From celebrity parents to experts on pregnancy, host Naomi Williams asks guests the questions you’re desperate to get the answers to! The iCandy Duo Podcast is brought to you by iCandy World, makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.


In episode 4*, Naomi chats to actress Lisa McGrillis. Lisa is revered for her roles in household favourites such as Inspector George GentlyDeath in Paradise and more recently the acclaimed BBC 2 Sitcom, Mum. At the time of our interview Lisa was 8 months pregnant and chatted to us about balancing motherhood with the performing arts and preparations for baby number 2!




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Listeners will notice that the balancing act between juggling parenthood with work commitments came into play during our chat with Lisa, as she had to dash off to pick up her son from nursery after receiving an unexpected call from them mid interview. The question of “What happened to little Joshie?!” is bound to be on everyone’s lips at the end of the episode but we are pleased to report that despite being sick on the day (let’s just say his lunch box was a receptacle!) that he is fine and well now. Since recording, Lisa has also shared the wonderful news on Instagram that her baby daughter has arrived!


*Recorded remotely before Lockdown 3.


Find out more about the Parents & Carers in Performing Arts Campaign (PiPA)

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