iCandy become the first nursery brand to feature in Top Gear Magazine

iCandy become the first nursery brand to feature in Top Gear Magazine

The Top Gear team test drove the Designer Collection and are left comfortably impressed… Brimming with features, styled with no compromise and formed from the highest quality materials, this beautifully crafted Limited and Special Editions set a new standard for pushchair excellence. 

We have always been a company which prides itself on driving innovation and being the definitive luxury pushchair brand. From revolutionising the nursery industry in 2009  with the iconic and stylish Peach pushchair, iCandy are proud to be at the forefront of creating stylish, yet functional products.

Now, in yet another industry first, we are delighted to share the news that we have become the first Nursery brand in history to feature in the popular Top Gear Magazine. Our exclusive Designer Collection, which has been built with only the finest materials, has been deemed impressive enough by Top Gear editors to feature alongside legendary car brands such as Bentley and Ferrari.

They compare the Classic Edition to the iconic British Roadsters of the 1960s, the ageless nature of the Jaguar E type, is matched with the beautifully elegant design of the Classic Edition; both the Jaguar and the Classic ozze style and represent timeless British design.

The Black Edition of the collection, which features a matt black finish is accented with bright, dynamic bursts of orange that really gives it a striking, definitive look.  Elegant and lightweight but bold and ultra-responsive – this is the athlete of the iCandy collection.

Image courtesy of the official Lamborghini Webpage (Model pictured: the Lamborghini Aventador)

With its agile nature and sleek frame, the Designer Collection echoes the same dedication to care and drive for perfection that luxury car makers such as Aston Martin have long been known for. The Top Gear team only highlight the very best car designers, it is a testament to the iCandy team that we have managed to become the first pushchair brand to feature in such a well-respected publication. It further cements our status as a fashionable brand, known for our high end, well made products. We are always looking for new ways to reach different audiences of people, Top Gear has demonstrated how the principles of our company and dedication to stylish design can be transferred to any luxury industry.

Finally, whilst we cannot confirm whether baby Stig managed to test drive the pushchair around the Top Gear track, or whether the pushchair conquered Gambon, we can confirm that the elder Stig was certainly a big fan of the Designer Collection…. perhaps we could create him an all-white pushchair. Possibly something for the future… Watch this space!

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