Living in the fast lane: Q&A with Formula One's Natalie Pinkham

Living in the fast lane: Q&A with Formula One's Natalie Pinkham

We had the pleasure of catching up with iCandy mum Natalie Pinkham, who is widely known for her work on the Formula One circuit, along with presenting documentaries such as “The Lost Orphan: In Search of Mirela”. Natalie took time out of her busy schedule to discuss life with her second child, along with how she juggles the hectic world of Formula One with being a full time mother. Natalie currently works for Sky and has now become the face of the Formula One show, she still intends to travel the world with the Formula One family.

Hi Natalie, it is great to hear that you are expecting your second child with your Husband Owain. How do you think your new arrival may alter your busy schedule?

I'm told 2 is very different to having just 1 child; plus I get a look of surprise when I tell people that there will only be 17 months between the kids, BUT I am determined not to let that worry me. I feel very lucky to be pregnant again so will only see it as a positive.... mind you ask me again in a few months and I might have a very different answer! I am very lucky to have a great support network. Wilf's grandparents play a very active role in his life - which is great for everyone...particularly me!

You obviously get to travel to some of the most exotic places around the world with your job on the formula one circuit, which stop on the Formula One Calendar do you get most excited about visiting?

We go to all corners of the earth with F1 - which is such a privilege. I am often asked which my favourite race is and I have to say Monaco - it's like nowhere on earth on a race weekend; a crazy spectacle. It should be on everyone's bucket list, whether you are an F1 or not - you will absolutely love it...if for no other reason than the people watching!

Will you be looking to take advantage of the usefulness of the iCandy Peach as a travel system? Do your children accompany you to each race, or remain at home.

I intend to continue to be a working mum; my mum always worked and remained a very committed and hands on mum - so she set a great example which I would love to emulate. My priority will always be being the best mother I can be, but I believe that is still achievable whilst going to the F1 races with the little ones; just because it hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it can't be...And if I am proved wrong, then at least I tried. I hope my buggy will be a great asset on this adventure.

What is the most exciting aspect about being a mother?

Watching a little human being grow in front of your eyes - it bowls me over every day. I have to pinch myself that I am a mum. It's not a right it's a responsibility, and one that scares, thrills and fascinates me.

Would you be open to allowing one of your children to pursue a career in motorsport? Maybe even Formula One?

Our hope is that they will find something they are passionate about and pursue it. We don't mind what that is, as long as they are happy - but if it is F1 we had better get working hard as it doesn't come cheap!

Who is your favourite for the Constructer’s Championship and Drivers’ Championship this season?

It is difficult to look beyond Mercedes given the performance dominance of their car; with Lewis picking up much needed points in Monaco in his bid for a 4th drivers title. Red Bull look like mounting a decent challenge now though - which is great for the sport and all the fans around the world.

You are the proud owner of the Peach and will obviously be looking to take advantage of the fact that it can transform into a double pushchair when your new child arrives, why did you choose the Peach for your family?

I need something durable, practical and manageable whilst still looking great. I think the Peach will tick all these boxes.

What first attracted you to the iCandy brand?

I like the fact it’s a British brand - known for quality and craftsmanship. It was important to us that we had a pushchair which could also upgrade into a double as I’ve just had my second baby. The design is great and felt like a good match for me in F1. I tend not to take the kids on the road - but if I do then I have the right buggy for it.

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