Back to Black The New iCandy Peach in Jet

Back to Black The New iCandy Peach in Jet

iCandy have gone back to black with the new all black Peach pushchair, the Jet 2.


There is no denying that the Jet colourway was a notable absentee when the Peach Collection 2016 was first unveiled late last year. The designers at iCandy didn’t want to simply bring back the all black pushchair; they wanted to give the pushchair a fresh twist for the new generation.


The Jet has made its very welcome return to the range due to consumer feedback and extremely high demand, reuniting alongside other family favourites such as the Black Magic 2 and Truffle 2. The pushchair has returned with a subtle makeover from the design team. The Jet colourway will now feature grey details to the piping and the stitching, which draws inspiration from the Truffle colourway, offering even more distinctive style to the pushchair.


The pushchair has also been given the same treatment as the rest of the iCandy Peach 2016 range, with the addition of a luxurious black leatherette handle and bumper bar, which adds a further touch of luxury to every push. Alongside the new handle and bumper bar is the stylish one touch buckle which boosts the functionality of the product, and helps make the Jet 2 a very suitable companion to a very special member of the family.


What’s more, the new Jet pushchair can be used with existing iCandy accessories such as the parasol or cup holder. Meanwhile, should you already own an iCandy converter kit, the new Jet can still upgrade into a double pushchair, giving extra peace of mind to parents. The revamped all black Peach pushchair is undeniably a fashion statement, one which was born to turn heads. The Jet fabrics, alongside the iconic black iCandy chassis is very much a fan favourite, and we are delighted to bring it back to the iCandy family.


The iCandy Jet 2 is now available to buy on the iCandy store, an old favourite returning with a new twist, fresh for 2017. It has been a busy few weeks for us here at iCandy, the new Jet arrives just one week after we launched our very first highchair, the innovative and beautiful iCandy MiChair.


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