Styling the 4th Trimester with Amy Lafayette

Styling the 4th Trimester with Amy Lafayette

Candy is delighted to be collaborating with Stylist and new mum Amy Lafayette who is sharing a fashion guide on dressing your bump for every stage of pregnancy as well as postpartum style. Her final instalment focuses on embracing the 4th trimester, the period after birth when parents and baby are adjusting to their new lives…


The one nobody mentions! This is the 12-week period after you’ve given birth, it’s a time of huge physical and emotional change as you and your baby adjust to being in the outside world and you are also adjusting to life as a new mum. There’s probably a lot of exhaustion going on but also pure happiness!


Things to try and remember during this time:


Enjoy your new body! Finding clothes to wear in the fourth trimester can be tricky, you’re probably dying to fit straight back into your old skinny jeans as soon as you’re home from the hospital but the reality is you will just want to wear the comfiest, softest clothing you own! Finding the right style solutions will help you look and feel your best after baby so here’s some style solutions to try after baby arrives…


Have fun with it – if you feel uninspired with your wardrobe, create a Pinterest board or follow some stylish Mums on Instagram for inspiration. You can create looks with your own personal stamp on them but it’s great to see how other people put things together sometimes when you feel stuck in a style rut.


Don’t splurge on expensive clothes just yet – it may be super tempting to go and buy a pair of designer jeans on that first shopping trip after giving birth, but before you do, keep in mind that your shape will probably fluctuate for a while. Denim in particular can be tricky when it comes to the perfect fit, so why not buy a few inexpensive pairs of jeans from the high street that won’t break the bank and save that splurge for other key pieces that will always leave you feeling fabulous.


I touched upon this in my last post but comfy footwear really is a Mummy must right now – walks with baby in the pushchair are a special part of the first few months so it’s really worth investing in some stylish but supportive trainers and sandals so you can head out without worrying about blisters or aggravating any swelling that might still be there.


Don’t skimp on maternity lingerie – this is one area that is worth investing in especially if you’re planning on breast feeding. It’s crucial that you find a few supportive well-made bras that have nursing access for ease and comfort. It is also worth getting measured after having your baby as you may have gone up a few cup sizes and so your pregnancy bras may be feeling uncomfortable. A lot of nursing bras have stretchy cups and multiple hooks along the back which is perfect as your size will drop down again a few weeks into breast feeding.


Treat yourself to something fun – you’ll probably feel like burning your maternity leggings after giving birth but don’t be too hasty those comfy pregnancy pieces will be perfect in the first few weeks when you’re getting used to sleepless nights and still feeling a bit swollen, however you can still have fun and start shopping for some new stylish pieces to get you through that wardrobe limbo! Floaty dresses and loose boho tops are perfect in Summer and something that you’ll keep and wear again or why not start planning fun outfits that you can wear on your first night out with friends or your next family outing.


Think about your silhouette – as mentioned above looser, feminine tops with a statement sleeve are stylish and will make you feel great right now but remember to pair with something more fitted like a slim leg jean on the bottom half. This balanced combination will complement your new figure and will be your go-to postpartum uniform. Dresses and boho summery styles are also super flattering right now and can be worn with bare legs and ankle boots or sandals when it’s warm, just throw on a leather jacket and some layered necklaces to feel really put together.


If you decide to breast feed, something to keep in mind when shopping for any new purchases after baby is does the piece allow easy access for nursing. The last thing you want to realise once getting out for lunch is that your lovely new top is completely impractical for your hungry baby!


Thank you so much to iCandy for letting me log my pregnancy journey along the way and I hope this series has been useful for any mums out there that may have needed some style tips. You’ve got this Mamas!


Amy & Esme x

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