Preparing for Two Under Two

Preparing for Two Under Two

Welcome to The Blogger Edit – a new series that showcases the versatility of iCandy products for different families and different lifestyles. Part three focuses on the iCandy Peach Double - a sophisticated travel system that enables parents to transport two children simultaneously on a single footprint - the perfect option for families with a baby and a toddler. The freedom to transport two children simultaneously does not compromise the single footprint or style of the pushchair, meaning its perfect for nipping in and out of shops or through doorways.


In this blog, we meet Olivia, who is preparing to welcome baby number two - a sibling for big brother Arthur. We caught up with Olivia to see how she is getting ready for life with two-under-two and why she chose the iCandy Peach Double for her growing family...



iCandy Peach Navy Twill

iCandy Peach Navy Twill


How are you preparing your son Arthur for the arrival of his sibling?


Wse have been telling him about the baby, also telling him how he is going to be a big brother, also showing him my baby bump. We have got all baby's stuff out so Arthur has got used to it. We also have books that explain what becoming a big brother means and Arthur absolutely loves it. 


How have you been getting organised at home for life with two under two?


At home we have got a bedside crib in the bedroom, a Moses basket and baby bouncer in our lounge. We have been washing and putting away all the baby's clothes and having a huge clear out of things that we no longer need in the house to make more room for baby. But most importantly we have been stocking up on nappies and wipes.


Will you be reusing any items from when Arthur was a baby for baby number 2?


Yes, luckily enough we kept quite a bit when Arthur had outgrown stuff so we will be reusing the bedside crib, Moses basket, baby bouncer, travel cot and some baby clothes that are neutral because we don’t know the sex until baby is here. We will also be reusing some toys and baby weaning and the sterilising equipment.


Do you have anything new for baby number 2?


Yes we do we have a new double pushchair, new car seat, new bedding, new clothes and new baby blankets. We kept a lot of Arthur’s stuff when he outgrew it, so this has helped us to keep the spending down until baby has been born.


What is your favourite thing about the iCandy Peach Double pushchair? How do you think it will make life easier?


My favourite thing about the iCandy Peach Double is that you can have it in so many different configurations. Especially that you can have new baby facing you and Arthur can look out to the world because he loves that and no other double pushchair that we considered offered that. Also we were particularly surprised as to how light in weight it is to push and put in and out of the car boot. 



Travel with Ease

Travel with Ease

Why did you choose a tandem pushchair rather than a side-by-side pushchair?


We didn’t like side by side pushchairs as it looked hard getting in and out of doors and down narrow aisles in shops. The other benefits we saw [with the iCandy Peach Double] was that it doesn’t need to be in the double pushchair setup permanently, so we can have it as a single when Arthur decides he no longer wants to be pushed around and would rather walk.


What are you most excited about in terms of welcoming another baby?


Watching Arthur become a big brother and having another little one to love. Being a mum is hard but also so rewarding and it’s the best feeling in the world when they give you a smile or look at you in a way that just oozes pure love. I’m also excited to find out if we have a little boy or girl as we decided not to find out the sex again!


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