Easter with iCandy

Easter with iCandy


From egg decorating to seasonal bakes, we have put together a few fun ideas to keep the whole family entertained over the Easter weekend...


Egg Decorating


A traditional Easter activity, dyeing eggs will keep children occupied for hours! Don't worry about buying lots of arts and crafts materials for the occassion as natural dyes can be made from ingredients in your fridge and cupboards. Check out this simple guide.


How about a little chattering of chicks? To make, simply dip the front of the egg length ways in yellow dye. Once dry, draw a super cute face, beak and little wings with a fine permanent marker.


Older children may like to write some fun seasonal sayings on their dyed egg. Encourage them to think of some Easter puns or help them along the way with some ‘egg-cellent’ suggestions!


Use odds and ends at the bottom of the craft box to create some egg animals. What could be cuter than a bunny with floppy felt ears and a pom pom tail!



Easter Egg Hunt


There’s no better way to pass a spring afternoon than an Easter egg hunt and the promise of tasty treats along the way will certainly keep the children engaged. Laying down clues will make the trail all the more exciting. There are lots of printable clues online and some fab hiding spot ideas for an indoor egg hunt if the weather prevents any outdoor activities.


Painting Rocks


A fun and simple activity that combines the great outdoors with creativity, pebble painting is something that the whole family can enjoy. Firstly, you will need to find the perfect pebbles! Setting a fun activity before heading out on a walk will create a sense of adventure for little ones so challenge them to find wide, flat stones for the perfect canvas. Once you have the pebbles, all you will need is paintbrushes, acrylic paint and a pot of water. 

Beautiful Bakes 


From chocolate nests to decorative iced biscuits in seasonal shapes, there are plenty of Easter themed baking recipes to keep little ones busy in the kitchen. Plus, homemade treats are thoughtful giftables too - simply wrap in parchment paper and tie-up with spring coloured ribbon.

Virtual Quizzing with a Difference


A quiz is now a staple part of many weekend plans and at iCandy we have created our own! The new iCandy Orange is ready for any family and eventuality - ready for comfort, ready for a growing family, ready for adventure and ready from the get-go. To illustrate its amazing adaptability, you are invited to take part in an interactive quiz to determine how the new iCandy Orange can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. 

The New iCandy Orange - Ready from the Get-Go

The New iCandy Orange - Ready for a Growing Family



Happy Easter!

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