What To Consider: Buggies for Growing Families

Choosing the right buggy for a growing family requires careful consideration. Take your time to research, read reviews, and even try out different models in person if possible. By choosing a buggy that fits your family's needs, you'll ensure that your little ones can travel comfortably and safely, making every outing a joyful experience.

Read on for answers from our in-house iCandy experts to all your most commonly asked questions!


Can I use the same stroller for a newborn and a toddler?


Yes, you’ll find most pushchair brands, including iCandy offer a complete travel system, meaning you can easily attach a compatible car seat onto them. All iCandy pushchairs also take baby from birth (with the carrycot) to 25kg, making it ideal for both a newborn and toddler. Once your baby is ready just simply swap your carrycot to the seat unit!


At what age do babies outgrow a stroller?


At around 6 months old, the baby will be ready to move into a pushchair. There are a number of indicators which highlight when your baby is ready to transition from a carrycot into a seat unit. Signs to look out for include, when your baby can sit up unaided, when they are able to control their head/neck movements and can fit comfortably within the seat unit safety harness.

There is no fixed age range for when your child will outgrow their stroller, however this is usually around the age of three or four. The iCandy Core boasts the largest seat unit in the iCandy range with a 25kg capacity, as well as a pop-up calf rest to accommodate longer legs.


How do I choose a double buggy?


Having a growing family means making a lot of important decisions, and one of them is choosing the right buggy.When you're picking the perfect pushchair for your growing family, there are several factors to consider – whether you live in the city or countryside, the size of your home, your budget, the age of your children, are you having twins or is it for a newborn and toddler? As your family expands, you'll need a buggy that can accommodate your little ones comfortably and cater to your changing needs. But with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a buggy for your growing family.


1. Size and Capacity


When it comes to buggies for growing families, size matters. Consider the size of your family and the ages of your children. Will you need a double buggy to accommodate two children of different ages or a twin pushchair? Choosing a buggy with sufficient capacity is essential for the comfort and safety of your children.


2. Versatility


Versatility is key when it comes to buggies for growing families. Look for a buggy that can adapt to different situations and ages. Some buggies in the market offer the option to convert from a single to a double, allowing you to use it for future additions to your family. The iCandy Orange 3 offers 30 different configurations across single, double and twin mode, making it the ultimate choice for growing families. You’ll find that many brands offer complete travel systems, meaning you can easily attach a compatible car seatonto them.


3. Manoeuvrability and Durability


When you're out and about with your family, manoeuvrability is crucial. Consider the terrain you'll be navigating, whether it's city streets, parks, or rough terrain. Look for buggies with excellent suspension, sturdy wheels, and easy manoeuvrability. A durable buggy will withstand the wear and tear of daily use and last longer, which is important for growing families. All iCandy pushchairs are built to last and come with an industry leading 5 Year Warranty.


4. Storage Options


Growing families often have a lot to carry, from changing bags to snacks and toys. Consider the storage options offered by the buggy. All iCandy changing bags feature bag hooks to attach neatly to the handlebars of your pushchair. Look for a spacious basket underneath, easily accessible pockets, and even cup holders for your convenience. Having ample storage space can make your outings with the family much more organised and enjoyable. The iCandy Core features an extra spacious 'fan' basket with a built-in drainage vent for ultimate convenience.


Liberty Nicholas, mum of two and owner of iCandy Peach 7 in Truffle says:

“Having two under two isn’t always easy but I find getting out of the house every day helps me stay sane. Obviously in order to do that you need to make sure you have the right pushchair. I’d say when looking for a pushchair you need to find one that is easy to put together, one that your babies are comfortable in and for me it also must look good!


We went for the iCandy Peach 7 double pushchair for all of the above reasons but also, with Ellis’ low muscle tone I needed something very sturdy and extremely comfortable for him to sit in. iCandy is the only pram I have tried that Ellis sits up and doesn’t slouch in. I also love how the carrycot and seat unit utilise the same frame, so you don’t have to store a whole carrycot unit somewhere when you’re done with it. This is brilliant not just for storage space and convenience but from a sustainability angle too.”

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