My iCandy Style- The style of the iCandy Peach

My iCandy Style- The style of the iCandy Peach

With its unmistakeable style, instantly recognisable curves, and head turning colourways, the iCandy Peach has long been a style iCon. Since 2009, the iCandy Peach has been the recipient of many an envious glance, proving itself in both style and substance. Arriving at a time when style was not considered an important consideration in pushchair design, our iCandy Peach transformed the perception and requirements of a high-end pushchair.



Style iCon


The iCandy Peach presented parents with a stylish, yet functional extension of their individuality. It wasn’t long before the Peach attracted the attention of celebrities, whilst a blossoming social media culture cultivated the idea of an iCandy lifestyle.  In turn, the iCandy brand transcended boundaries from being simply a necessary nursery product, to a high end fashion accessory, this was partly due to the incredible success of the iCandy Peach pushchair. 


The purpose behind the Peach was to create a pushchair which infused both style and functionality seamlessly together, this has been achieved and refined over a number of years, leading to the definitive single to double luxury pushchair. The iCandy Peach is admired for its sleek silhouette and jaw-dropping design. Its bold colours have long been a popular choice, providing parents with the option of owning a pushchair which suits their own personal sense of style. In 2018, we have taken this notion to even further heights, parents will now be able to customise their iCandy pushchair, a feature sure to delight and please families around the world.



Personal sense of style


Every parent is the master of their own personal sense of style. we realise that the most important aspect of any pushchair is quality and safety, parents want to rest assured in the knowledge that their baby is very well protected. The iCandy Peach gives a child the very best start in life, it also provides parents with the opportunity to freely express their personal sense of style. iCandy believe that a parent’s life and sense of fashion shouldn’t change simply because they have a baby, this is where the iCandy Peach truly excels.


The iCandy Peach is always an attractive proposition for those parents wanting the very best of British design. iCandy’s team of British designers travel the world to evaluate the latest trends and incorporate these ideals into pushchair design. Caroline Watson, a new mum and stylist to numerous celebrities such as Zayn Malik, Rochelle Humes, and Bruno Mars, is an iCandy parent who is using the Peach pushchair. Caroline’s interest in head turning style has seen her go for the Peach pushchair with a Damson fabric on the classic chrome frame.


Caroline, being a high profile Celebrity stylist, requires a pushchair which reflects her keen interest in fashion and mirrors her supreme personal sense of style. Caroline wants the best for her baby, but she also needs to ensure that the pushchair reflects her status as a celebrity stylist. The iCandy Peach is the perfect reflection of Caroline’s personal lifestyle and chosen career path. Caroline’s interest in fashion hasn’t diminished because of having a baby, nor will it affect her status as a stylist, the Peach is an extension of her very own style values. 



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