The Blogger Edit: iCandy Lime Lifestyle

The Blogger Edit: iCandy Lime Lifestyle


Welcome to The Blogger Edit – a new series that showcases the versatility of iCandy products for different families and different lifestyles. Part two focuses on the iCandy Lime Lifestyle  –  a multi-functional, compact fold travel system that is the perfect choice for parents who want the functionality of a large pushchair but also the lightweight, ultra-compact nature of a city stroller.


In this blog, we meet Laura, Assia and Lara and find out how the iCandy Lime Lifestyle is the perfect fit for their families.


The Style Edit – Assia


“I have appreciated good fashion and style for as long as I remember. On my journey into motherhood I'd hoped this wouldn't change too much. I think it's possible to keep up with my own sense of style as a new mother and with the right choices it isn't something I'd have to sacrifice on. My other half is a very practical and pragmatical person. A lot of the time he favours function over form and doesn't really place the same value on style as I do. We don't always see eye to eye but I really do feel we complete and complement each other". 



Phantom Taupe.

Phantom Taupe.


"When it came time to find our first pushchair he spent lots of time looking at features, details and specifications, all very important stuff! I looked for something would fit and work my lifestyle but also look at home with my style, something that is practical yet doesn't look like a boring tool. When we we're both looking at iCandy it was as though we both ticked of lots of items on our mental checklists. Their motto did ring true with us " We've made 381 decisions so you only have to make 1"! A travel system that is functional and practical yet beautiful and stylish. Let's hope the rest of our new baby shopping is just as enjoyable.” 




"Beautiful and stylish".


The Interiors Edit - Lara


“We love using our iCandy Lime as a moses basket and the charcoal colourway fits beautifully in our home. The carrycot section of the pushchair is suitable for permanent overnight sleeping so can be used as a moses basket or a travel cot during those first 6 months. I always find you end up having to buy so many baby items and they outgrow them so quickly so I think it’s such a fab idea saving money and space". 



Phantom Charcoal.

Phantom Charcoal.


"It’s such an exciting time when it comes to designing your little ones new nursery and I loved every minute creating the nursery. I knew from day one I wanted a jungle theme but I still wanted it to blend with the décor that’s already in our home which is mostly neutrals and greys. I chose to keep Theo’s nursery décor mostly white and greys so it was still nice and bright in the room as it’s quite a small space, but added quite a bold wallpaper which added contrast and interest but still blended nicely. I used accessories and plants to add little pops of colour to tie it altogether nicely. 


The iCandy Lime’s fabrics are stunning and are available in a range of different colours.  The charcoal fabric just fits perfectly with the grey decor in Theo’s jungle nursery so it’s the perfect product for us”.  




“The iCandy Lime’s fabrics are stunning".

“The iCandy Lime’s fabrics are stunning


The Travel Edit - Laura


"Where do we start with our iCandy Lime? As soon as we set it up we instantly fell in love!


It arrived perfectly packaged in one branded box, it was really simple to put together and within minutes it was up and ready to use! We love that it came newborn ready all we had to do was wait for little man to arrive!


We are quite short for space in our home so love that we are able to make the most of the pushchair and use the Carrycot as a moses basket alternative. We went for the Phantom Black which looks absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly in our living room".



Phantom Black.

Phantom Black.


"For our first adventure out we went to the beach and was so impressed with how easy the Lime made it for us. It's compact and easy to use and the carry strap meant we could carry the pram and the carrycot and still be hands free!


We would highly recommend the iCandy Lime to anyone, looking for a pram that has everything you need in one package".



"Everything you need in one package".


The City Edit - Hannah


"The iCandy Lime Lifestyle is perfect for London Living! It offers everything you could ever need, it is neat and good value for money. The frame is so easy to collapse and pop up. The iCandy Lime is a multi-functional, compact fold travel system that is the perfect choice for parents. It is great to have a stroller that has the lightweight, ultra-compact nature of a city life. With the seat units installed in the stroller Elijah can enjoy meals by the table. It’s made going out fun and stylish with a coordinating bag. The facing forward element plays a nice element to the stroller's benefits whilst travelling around the city; Elijah can see the beautiful streets of London in the comfort of his stroller."



Phantom Navy

Phantom Navy
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