What makes a great compact Stroller?

What makes a great compact Stroller?

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When my wife and I were considering which stroller to purchase for our first child the size of the buggy was at the top of the list.  At the time we had a very small car and we had to consider whether the chassis would fit into the car along with either a seat unit or a carrycot for the first six months. If you want to see how compact our stroller can go, we have recently conducted a “will it fit campaign” which can be seen on the following link.

The iCandy pushchairs have such a compact fold they fit gracefully into the smallest of cars.  Additionally, when the pushchair was sitting in the hallway when we were not using it, the footprint had to be quite compact so that it would not impact with activity in the house.  A lot of design work goes into ensuring iCandy’s infant strollers have a compact fold.  We also had to bear in mind that grandparents would also be using the pushchair on many occasions; the ease of fold and lightness was also a key feature for us.

When you consider purchasing a buggy for the first time a wish list is always a good place to start, what do you want from your pram?  In most cases a stroller can be used for 3-4 years and in our case 6 years and can be used on a daily basis more than the family car so it is important that the list is extensively met.  It could either be air or solid wheels, single or double options, height of the handle or the weight of the stroller, additionally the size of the chassis is also quite key and always high on the agenda.

explore the icandy range of compact strollers

iCandy offer a range of strollers that meet every customers needs with all of the prams offering an automatic or a locking strap to keep the stroller enclosed once folded, creating an extremely compact fold.  Also, all of the iCandy strollers free stand when folded, this means that the stroller can stand upright which reduces down the amount of space that it takes up meaning that the pram can be kept under the stairs or even in a cupboard which is perfect for an infant stroller.  The iCandy range also combines a fold with or without the seat unit attached, and this is also a convenient feature to have and keep in mind when you need to put the stroller in the back of a car quickly and have the ability to fold and go. iCandy products can also be used as a car seat stroller, meaning the car seat can be attached to the pushchair frame, an important point to note regarding a pram.

An additional feature that will have to be taken into consideration is the weight of the buggy, many strollers are quite lightweight and serve a specific purpose of convenience as the child gets older.  However, when our girls were six months and they started using the seat unit we tended to feel more confident going out and we used the pushchair on a regular basis. We could use our iCandy in either parent facing or world facing and once more having a foldable stroller was extremely useful.  This also meant that we would start to travel out more, meaning that the shopping basket was also used more and had to accommodate the multitude of items that are needed on a trip out.

The iCandy range combines all, a good sized shopping basket and a compact fold for the chassis and an easy fold that all of the family can use with ease. All iCandy buggies work as a collapsible stroller which can work with a car seat. Such compact folds, along with the ability to use them as a car seat stroller mean they are the perfect travel companion.

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