iCandy Duo Podcast - Meet the iCandy Orange Families

iCandy Duo Podcast - Meet the iCandy Orange Families

Welcome to The iCandy Duo Podcast! Whilst we usually chat with celebrity parents or experts on pre and postnatal matters, this week our podcast is taking a new direction. 

This is an exciting time for iCandy as we launch the new iCandy Orange! We have taken things one step further for this launch- instead of us, iCandy, telling you about our exciting new pushchair - we enlisted seven real families across the UK to test it out and tell you themselves what they really thought about it! 

In this podcast episode, we are taking you behind-the-scenes on the new campaign and letting you hear from the families, together, for the first time on how they are getting on. They also share what they thought of being involved in such a extraordinary campaign during these challenging times.

In part one, we catch up with Summer who is navigating family life in North London with triplets and Jennifer, a first-time mum based in rural Scotland getting to grips with parenthood in lockdown. We also sit down with mum Desriee who fills us in on raising her son with the help from her mum and we chat to Croydon-based family, Lorraine and Anthony about the balancing act of raising three children under three whilst working from home. Robyn also joins the podcast to talk about life with her new twin boys.





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