How I gave my pre-loved iCandy Peach 3 a new lease of life

How I gave my pre-loved iCandy Peach 3 a new lease of life

How I gave my pre-loved iCandy Peach 3 a new lease of life

Seven years later and almost as good as new 


When I found out I was pregnant with twins, several emotions hit me all at once. Double the love, double the fun and double the cost?! The reality is, one of my thoughts was ‘this is going to be expensive!’ With the cost of living crisis looming and constant talk of inflation, it was a big concern for us as a family. We went from a family of 3 to 5 in a heartbeat (well 2 heartbeats to be exact!) and we knew life with twins plus a 4 year old would present its challenges. I was watching all my friends with their new babies and new state of the art prams and travel systems thinking, ‘wow everything is so seamless now, they look so boujee with their matching bags and cup holders, I love it!! But how will we be able to afford this twice over? How could I feel boujee on a budget?  


Looking for twin travel systems quickly became a minefield so as well as asking my sister (fellow twin mum) for advice, I reached out to my incredible instagram audience to ask what products they would recommend for twins and multiples. I had an overwhelming response of people recommending iCandy. My fellow twin mums couldn’t say enough great things about how durable these prams were year after year and meet every demand for growing families.  


What I love about iCandy:  


  • Mix ‘n’ Match with Preloved and New options - I found my pram on FB Marketplace and updated with new accessories. See how I put mine together here 
  • Sustainable - Older models are easy to upgrade with entire selection of spares, adaptors, elevators, clamps and accessories on the iCandy website as well as support and help sections  
  • Quickly adapts to my MaxiCosi car seats so they can pop straight on the base when we are out and about 
  • Make it work for you - I created my iCandy based on my budget and what I wanted to make life easier for us 
  • It will grow with the twins from cot to seat as they get bigger 
  • iCandy service (basically runs an MOT on your pram) ensures your investment is up to scratch and lasts for years to come 
  • Upgrade again and again with a choice of colourways when it comes to footmuffs, seat fabrics, carrycot fabrics and pick and choose from the huge range of accessories such as parasols, screens, bags and the ultimate accessory for any mama…the cup holder!! 



For me, iCandy is THE brand for growing families. Each time your family adapts, iCandy can adapt with you; whether you're buying preloved or new, you can 'mix n match'. From buggy boards for your older ones to carrycots for your newest additions and all the stages in between, iCandy is there to support your journey, most importantly but not limited to the addition of a cup holder because Mama needs to hydrate!! So, if like me, you’re on a budget and want a sustainable, functional, durable pram that will still turn heads along the high street, shop iCandy!  


What my iCandy twin pram cost me:  


  • Preloved pram with x1 carrycot, x2 seats and x1 set of extenders = £320 (preloved on FB Marketplace)  
  • Professional clean = £30 (Oakleybugz pram cleaning on FB)  
  • x1 additional carrycot = £60 (ebay)  
  • Upper carseat adaptors = £33 (iCandy)  
  • Lower carseat adaptors = £33 (iCandy)   
  • X1 additional extenders = £30 (amazon) when putting 2 carseats maxicosi coral 360 carseats on the pram, I required using 2 sets of extenders with the adaptors  

Total Cost = £506  


Top Tips for Twin Mums:  

  1. See how easy the iCandy is to use on my reel HERE 
  2. Check your carseat fits your pram choice here and if you’re still not sure, email the lovely team on 
  3. You might need 2 sets of extenders with the adaptors, check out my Twin Tips highlight on my instagram to find out more or shoot me a DM if you need anything!  
  4. If you’re local to Northamptonshire, I’d recommend professional cleaning of your pram here - mine came back looking brand new!!  
  5. Get the iCandy bag - It completely unzips down the front for ease of access and comes with a changing mat. The size works perfectly for me with my twins and I even manage to get snacks in it for my 4 year old too!  
  6. If buying an additional carrycot, check which one you have first - the lower and upper are different shapes due to the lower one sitting within the shopping net a little 

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