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Raspberry manual


Download the full version of the iCandy Raspberry Instruction Manual here.




Car Seat Adapters


Carrycot Assembly

Carrycot to Seat Unit

Harness Adjustment - Height

Harness Adjustment - Length

Harness Adjustment

Harness Adjustment

To ensure you have the harness in the correct position you will need to follow the below points...

1. The Fit


As a guide, the harness should be tightened to a point where you can fit no more than two adult fingers in width between the child and the harness.


2. The Buckle Position


The buckle should sit at the child's natural waistline (around the belly-button to the bottom of the rib cage area). The buckle should never sit higher than above the mid-torso area of the child.


3. The Waist Strap Position


The waist straps should naturally sit at the child's waistline and not be reaching up or down at a dramatic angle once fastened. There should also be enough tension that the child is comfortable but it is tightened to a point where you can just fit no more than two adult fingers in width between the child and the waist straps.


4. The Shoulder Strap Position


On the back of the seat unit there are either three or four slots, depending on the iCandy pushchair, where you can adjust the strap height according to the child's height. To ensure the correcrt fit, select the slot that is closest to the child's top-shoulder height. Straps should be tight enough that they do not fall or slip down over the child's shoulder once fastened.

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