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Hippychick Feeding Pillow




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Value for money - ★★★★☆

Appearance - ★★★★☆

Quality - ★★★★☆

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iCandy says:


A multi-functional feeding pillow that features waist ties to ensure correct positioning during feeding. A stylish option that can be easily transported around the house or out and about.

What's on the box


The Hippychick Feeding Pillow adapts to the shape of the parent to ensure the ideal positioning during the feed. It has two long ties which make it easier to secure the pillow in place around your waist, removing any gap between you and your baby.




Real world reviews

Hear from one of our parent reviewers Lisa, who tested the Hippychick Feeding Pillow.

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First impressions of the Hippychick Feeding Pillow



"Very stylish. Easy to transport and adjustable for every position and size."


- Amanda

"Lovely modern design, really soft and good quality fabric."


- Lisa

"Upon first impression I really liked the Hippychick pillow - it's the least 'baby like' option of the three and looks more like a cushion than the others, so would be perfect in a living room and for those with a more neutral or grown up aesthetic! The material isn't particularly soft, it's almost more of a canvas fabric. Its smaller than the other two options and less firm, so it's easier to adapt to your body and position than the traditional style of nursing cushions."


- Kathryn


Did the pillow make feeding a more comfortable experience for you and baby?




Stays in place

"Perfect thickness with soft fabric and very easy to carry around" - Amanda

Stays in place

"When used as suggested, with the ties fastened around my waist, this pillow did really make my feeding experience more comfortable. The pillow adapts really well to your body so I found it much easier to have Poppy feeding at a slightly slanted angle, rather than sitting baby directly horizontal across my body, which the other feeding pillows tend to do. It's also slightly less firm so slightly easier to move around when in the feeding position. I didn't find this pillow as supportive for my arms as the other options and due to its shape, it's not very supportive when used around the back or neck."


- Kathryn

"The pillow made feeding very comfortable, it was snug to the body and the ties meant that you don't have to readjust constantly."


- Lisa


Would you recommend the Hippychick Feeding Pillow?






Yes wraps around the body nicely, easy to wash and is the perfect thickness.


- Amanda




Yes, it's extremely comfortable, and with the storage pockets, means you can keep things to hand when feeding. [But I would like] bigger sides so it can be tied and used to sit the baby in. 


- Lisa




Although I really liked this pillow, I wouldn't recommend it as I don't think it would work for everyone. It's really adaptable and comfortable, but I didn't find I always had time/enough hands to ensure the pillow was fastened around my body correctly and in position before starting a feed (I have a very hungry and impatient baby!). When used without the ties being fastened I also worried that the ties would be a potential hazard for a small baby. One feature I did really like is that the cushion can be unzipped and almost used as a bag, so you can easily transport it up and downstairs tied onto your shoulder when you have your hands full, and there's room for your phone and a couple of other bits too. Overall, it's a more grown up option and more of a support than a traditional style feeding pillow.


- Kathryn


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Our review panel was impressed by the stylish and modern aesthetic of this feeding pillow and the comfortable support it provided for parent and baby. Whilst the waist tie feature was generally a positive as it ensured correct positioning, one tester found the ties to be an inconvenient extra step with a hungry baby. However, the pillow’s storage pockets were a big bonus.

iCandy Recommends

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The Hippychick Feeding Pillow is available from most highstreet nursery shops and online stores, or directly from the manufacturer via the 'Shop now' button.



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