White Peach Art Project: ZombieDan

White Peach Art Project: ZombieDan

Zombiedan was born in Stockwell, London. Entirely consumed by the capital’s encompassing and enrapturing urban and street art scene as a child in the 1990’s, and as an active witness of the golden era of British street art – Zombiedan is one of the most intoxicating and captivating new names in British art.


Leaving school with a double distinction in Art and relocating to the Midlands, Zombiedan set about mirroring modern day influences in Blek Le Rat and Banksy by taking his unique explosion of energy and colour to his hometown and beyond to promote his unequivocal lust of urban art.


The iCandy White Peach Art Project approached ZombieDan as it is this unique and riotous approach to art that iCandy felt would be the perfect media to explore the varying concepts of 'modern parenting.' The finished pushchair is emblazoned with gold, black and red flashes of spray paint, with the artist tag alongside his own creation of a Great Ormond Street Hospital graffiti tag. It is  a true expression of ZombieDan's own experience of being a new parent but also reminds the viewer how important graffitti art is in expressing modern social thought to the masses on the street. Urban graffiti art is the embodiment of a loud and unapologetic voice with the soul purpose to grab attention and raise awareness, which is exactly the energy Great Ormond Street Hospital needs and deserves.  By creating a unique street tag for the Hospital too, it creates a voice that is directly from the charity to the viewer. It is a bold, loud one-off piece that could sit seamlessly within a gallery to an inner-city street.


A true scholar of the art of creating stencils, Zombiedan has come a long way from that very first cut. Now a revered commissions artist and still very much active on the street scene – Zombiedan’s truest skill comes from his ability to remove the common limits of graffiti artists to create works that aptly unify urban and fine art.



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