The Perfect Pushchair for Peaceful Zzz’s by Sam Saunders aka The Baby Guru

The Perfect Pushchair for Peaceful Zzz’s by Sam Saunders aka The Baby Guru

The big Q of how to get baby to sleep is a looming dilemma for any soon-to-be, first-time parent, but imagine staring down at your new born baby with that very concern and having no clue how to get your new bundle of joy FINALLY to sleep?! Enter The Baby Guru, Sam Saunders, a baby and sleep consultant that caters to new and existing parents across the world (including actress Keira Knightley!) with the best advice on getting baby settled, fed and fast asleep in no time! Here, Sam who founded The Baby Guru sleep clinic service, shares with us comforting advice on sleep routines and how your iCandy pushchair is an essential bit of kit to get your baby off to sleep. 


Hi, I am Sam Saunders, a.k.a. The Baby Guru and mother of 4! I have been a nursery nurse and in the last 10 years, worked as a baby sleep consultant. I have developed a Responsive Parenting System, whereby I can work with you in just about any aspect of parenting from newborns right up to  five year olds.  From sleep training, to weaning, I have helped many families and over 450 babies in the last 10 years.


As first time parents, you obviously have LOADS of questions regarding getting your baby into a routine; when are they going to feed, what time is best to put them to sleep, how many naps should they be taking? One I am sure we have all asked ourselves when rocking our little ones at 3am is ‘why is it so difficult to get my baby to sleep?’.


Newborns are often great natural sleepers, drifting off in your arms following a feed or even just during a cuddle, but this is not always the case. Some babies often try and fight their sleep, usually because they suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), meaning they don’t want to leave you for long enough to get some seriously needed rest and if they do by chance drift off, they do not want to stay there long.


Ensuring your little one gets the right amount of sleep throughout the day is essential for a minimal hassle when bedtime comes around. Whilst myths advise that keeping babies awake helps them sleep longer at night, an overtired baby will wake up more frequently – and no one likes broken sleep.


Is there a right or wrong amount of sleep for my baby, how do I strike a balance? There is definitely a fine art to balancing your baby’s time both snoozing and playing, after too much sleep, your baby may be wide awake by bedtime and if they have not had enough, temper tantrums galore complete with crying and screaming – either way, you’re not getting a lot of sleep which isn’t good for your body.


This is where The Baby Guru can help. Providing tailored month by month guides to how much sleep your baby needs, you can solidify the perfect routine for your family in no time.


Something which comes highly recommended by me personally, tried and tested by millions of mothers worldwide is the use of a pushchair. Going for a walk in the fresh air is proven to help sleep, coaxing your little one into a longer and deeper snooze.


The stylish iCandy range offers a wide choice of models, sizes and specifications to choose from, knowing just how important it is to select the right option for your baby.


Complete with foot muffs and waterproof covers for the dreary winter months to parasols and screens for the warmer summer season, there are many bespoke features which make iCandy pushchairs unique and ideal.


Getting babies to sleep is all about the sleep cues, important stepping stones in creating a routine for bedtime and naptime, positive cues tell your baby it is time to settle.


Around four months old, babies go through a phase called sleep regression where they struggle to doze off by themselves, this can be down to several reasons. Their sleep cycles are maturing during this time as they grow and become more aware of their surroundings. Enter the use of the pushchair, a great model equipped with a shade helps to create a dark environment, a great sleep cue for your little one and something they will associate with a deeper sleep cycle. You can also provide them with a comforter, blanket or muslin etc. to add to the sleep cue so when they get in their pushchair and become aware of this item, they know it is time to settle down.


If your little one does nap in their cot in the morning, that’s great but you may be on the school run then. The last nap of the day is another instance where your pushchair is your best friend, going for a stroll around this time is a great way to ease your baby into their nap as this is arguably the most crucial of the day naps before bedtime. Also, if you are struggling to establish feeding gaps, taking your little one out for a walk to prolong between feeds and achieve the recommended 3-hour gap is another great way your pushchair can help you!


For more great tips and advice on feeding, sleeping and behaviour, contact The Baby Guru today and say hello to your personalised parent guide.




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