The NEW iCandy Orange Pushchair

The NEW iCandy Orange Pushchair

Meet the NEW iCandy Orange Pushchair

new-icandy-orange-pushchair Above: The official teaser for the NEW iCandy Orange Pushchair. The iCandy Orange Pushchair was Launched at Kind Und Jugend on the 15th September 2016 and is due Spring/Summer 2017.

We have just touched back down in England following the largest nursery trade show of the year, Kind und Jugend in Germany.

The big attraction and talking point from the event centred upon our brand new iCandy Orange pushchair, which we first teased to the public on Thursday. Retailers and nursery press who had booked an appointment with iCandy had the opportunity to get an exclusive iCandy's first look at the new iCandy pushchair, with excitement across the board praising the Orange and its innovative features.

The iCandy Orange pushchair has been our best kept secret for some time now, as our team of British designers have spent the last year working on the incredible functionality and design of the new iCandy pushchair. Packed with innovation, and introducing a revolutionary integrated ride on board for a toddler, the iCandy Orange pushchair echoes the recognisable iCandy DNA seen throughout the range.
As promised last week, following the announcement of the iCandy Orange pushchair, we can now finally reveal the details which makes this new iCandy pushchair a very special addition to our collection.


Our new iCandy Orange pushchair features world-beating design in the nursery sector and arrives in time for 2017. The new iCandy pushchair features the perfect combination of style and functionality that has made iCandy products so popular with parents across the globe. Key to the design of the Orange is its longevity, adapting into a double travel system to grow with your family. Also for the first time we have added an integrated ride on board to the pushchair’s frame – a feature sure to surprise and delight parents with babies who have an older sibling. The integrated ride offers toddlers the opportunity to explore the world and also interact with their younger sibling.

Trademark iCandy Style – All New Functionality

When creating a new iCandy pushchair, we always strive for innovation and ways in which to offer parents the ultimate multi-functional pushchair experience. The new iCandy Orange pushchair allows over 30 unique configurations and combinations to provide flexibility. With carrycot and seat units provided in the box, it is suitable from birth all the way up to when the child reaches 25kg in weight. We have also extended this innovation to the fabrics of the pushchair - two individual materials have been woven together to create a unique duo-tone fabric, a reflection of modern day trends. The iCandy Orange pushchair also boasts a soft leatherette handle and bumper bar for that finishing, lasting touch, and in another first for an iCandy product, the bumper bar rotates to provide easy access to your child.


new-icandy-orange-pushchair-900px Above: The Official Image of The New iCandy Orange Pushchair.


The new iCandy pushchair features an integrated ride which provides total ease of use. It eliminates the need and expense of a separate ride on board whilst adding incredible flexibility to the use of the product. iCandy’s trademark elevator adaptors are still present of course - bringing the seat or carrycot closer or further away from parent to either improve interaction or allow space for the toddler using the ride on board. The new iCandy Orange pushchair has been designed with one of the largest seat units and carrycots on the market, and in double mode maintains a single footprint to ensure ease of use in restricted spaces. The Orange, like our complete range, has our trademark freestanding fold with an added automatic lock, making storage of the stroller super quick and easy. Another benefit sure to impress parents is the gigantic 64L basket, which is easily accessible even in double and twin mode to keep you on the move. We also haven’t forgotten about the range in height for parents either - The ergonomic handlebar provides a wide range of height options which are taller at their highest and lower at their lowest than the nearest competitor. What’s more, we have also introduced a brand new canopy which features four modes; extended, visor, sleep mode and an all-new ventilation window with the use of contrasting black mesh. The puncture proof PU tyres with quick release front and rear wheels enable smooth turning and a steady, comfortable ride whilst being hardwearing.

iCandy Orange Cinema Seating – Another iCandy first

In double mode with unique iCandy riser adapters, the Orange boasts our first iCandy ‘cinema’ seating design, meaning a parent can maintain all important eye contact with both of their children in double mode. Reversing the seats also makes it possible to put children into any desired position, parent facing and world facing. The iCandy Orange pushchair is a true fashion statement: the base colour is Nimbus Grey (dark grey) and flavour packs include Flame (orange), Pop (pink), Spring (green), Autumn (brown), Mercury (grey), Noir (black), Topaz (blue).
With so many innovative and exciting new features, the new iCandy pushchair quickly became the must see product of Kind Und Jugend 2016. We cannot wait to introduce the public to the luxurious iCandy Orange pushchair and look forward to all your conversations over the coming months in the build up to launch.

The iCandy Orange Pushchair will be available in the UK from Spring/Summer 2017

What’s in the box RRP £830.00:

• Chassis
• Carry cot (on its own frame)
• Seat unit (on its own frame)
• 2 Canopies – Choice of 7 coloured flavour packs
• 1 Luxury padded liner
• Carrycot Apron, liner and mattress
• 2 Rain Covers (Seat and Carrycot)

Compatible car seats:

• Cabrio
• Pebble
• Pebble Plus
• Cybex Aton Q
• Kiddy Evo Lunafix
• Kiddy Evolution Pro 2
• BeSafe iZiGo
• Joie
• Cybex Cloud Q

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