Hello iCandy Mums and Dads

Hello iCandy Mums and Dads

Meet Korin Nolan, the NEW Fitness Ambassador for iCandy World Ltd.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself and say that I am so excited to be the new fitness ambassador for iCandy and really can’t wait to start sharing all things fitness and food with you over the coming months.

Fitness and the iCandy Peach


I assume, like many of you reading this, that the past year has been a real turn around in your life. Mine changed with the arrival of our new little girl Olivia Grace who is a year old this month. (Seriously, how quickly does the first year go?) I already have a son you see, who is a lot older, in fact he will turn twenty next month, which I can’t quite believe either. But a lot has changed let me tell you with regards to parenting in the last twenty years, a lot has changed with me I guess too! I can honestly say (apart from the sleepless nights, which are still ongoing) I have enjoyed being a new mummy again so much, and as I am at such a different stage in my life now, it’s been a whole new experience.


I’ve always been into health and fitness as long as I can remember, but I didn’t really do anything to get my shape back after I had Liam twenty years ago – the plus of being a teenage mum is that you kinda just snap back into shape. This time however, has been somewhat different!

I trained as a dancer when I was younger and then went on to complete my Pilates teacher training with Body Control Pilates back in 2004. Since then I have worked in TV (The Wright Stuff on FIVE) I have co- written a cookery book (How to Cook in High Heels) I have been a voice over artist (4 Music) and I have opened a Pilates studio – Power Pilates UK; which I still run in South East London.Quite a varied path eh?!

Fitness and the iCandy Peach Olive

And since having Olivia, my life has taken yet another new direction within fitness, where I created my online fitness plan – The Baby Body Bootcamp for new and busy mums. To be honest, I originally designed it for myself, as I knew with a new baby in tow, I wouldn’t have as much time to get to my Pilates studio to do a class, plus I also quickly realised that I needed to combine a little more cardio with my Pilates to lose the baby weight I had happily piled on throughout my pregnancy.


I was shocked at how much strength I had lost and how different my body felt after I had Olivia, so it was important for me to ease myself back into fitness at a steady pace, but without wrapping myself up in cotton wool at the same time, as I wanted to see results! So I created 30 minute home workouts that combined low impact HIIT (very important for postpartum mums) and Pilates. I didn’t push myself, I did what felt right for me and my body and made my workouts fit around my new life and new baby.

Luckily my body craved healthy, nourishing food and I devised a few recipes that were satisfying, quick and easy to prepare (yup, not much time to spend in the kitchen either) and thankfully by being consistent, my baby weight came off at a steady pace and I now find that I am fitter and stronger than ever.

Naturally, getting outdoors with Olivia in her iCandy Peach is also a big part of my fitness regime, as I say you have to work your fitness routine around your new life and I find that quick, effective workouts are what work the best. You can often find me in the park with Olivia busting out a few lunges and push ups (when no one’s looking of course) as I find working out in the fresh air is so invigorating and good for the soul. And with that in mind I have created a buggy workout just for you! So grab your mummy mates, hubby or go it alone and let me know how you get on.

You can follow me on Instagram @korin_nolan and Facebook @thebabybodybootcamp and of course check out my website where you can buy my plans and download my FREE Top Tips on how to lose your baby weight at www.korinnolan.com

I’m thoroughly looking forward to sharing more content with you and if you have any requests, please contact me via my social media sites or email me korin@korinnolan.com and I’ll do my best to accommodate!

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