How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Hot Weather: Practical Top Tips for Parents

As the weather warms up, it's crucial to ensure your baby stays cool and comfortable. Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature and are vulnerable to overheating. As overheating is a known SIDS risk factor, it’s especially important to make sure your sleeping baby isn’t too hot when they’re under 1 year—and especially if they’re under 6 months, when SIDS risk is greatest. 


Here are some practical tips to help you keep your little one safe and happy during hot days. 


Protect babies from Direct Sunlight: 


Keep your baby in the shade or indoors, especially between 11 am and 3 pm. 


Sun cream is not recommended for babies under 6 months* instead, cover them with loose clothing and a hat made of light, breathable fabrics like cotton or muslin. 


Use Ventilation and Sun Protection: 


Every iCandy pushchair canopy hood features clever mesh ventilation panels for improved ventilation and temperature comfort ensuring your baby gets all-important airflow. 


Not only that, but every iCandy canopy is UPF 50+ to filter out harmful rays and help to protect baby’s delicate skin.  


Do not cover the pushchair with blankets, muslin cloths or any cover, as it can increase the temperature inside the canopy and pose risks of overheating and SIDS. Refer to The Lullaby Trust for further guidance.  


Use Parasols and Sunshades: 


Attach a iCandy UPF 50+ parasol to the pushchair to keep your baby shaded from harmful rays. The flexible arm enables easy positioning and makes sure there’s shade no matter where the sun is in the sky. 


Keep babies out of direct sunlight. 


Ensure a Safe Sleeping Environment: 


Follow safer sleeping practices advised by The Lullaby Trust including placing your baby on their back on a firm, flat mattress which is clear of toys and loose bedding for every sleep.  


Use approved carrycots such as the iCandy Peach 7 for safer overnight sleeping, especially while travelling. 


Avoid placing folded blankets or quilts under the baby in travel cots to prevent suffocation risks and overheating. 


Manage Room Temperatures:


Maintain a cool room temperature (16-20°C) where your baby sleeps. 


Use lighter bedding and clothing during warm weather.  


Baby sleep bags will have guidance on what tog to use for each season. You might also like to use a fan to cool the room, but don’t aim it directly on the baby. A thermometer can help you to make sure the room is at the right temperature. 


Make Sure Naptime is Cool and Calming: 


Utilise products like the iCandy Screen, which features a maximum rated UPF 50+ fabric and effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, whilst the mesh is anti-glare too. The universal fitting screen can be used with every seat unit across the iCandy pushchair range. 


Ensure proper ventilation and airflow during sleep times. 


Monitor Baby's Temperature: 


Check the back of your baby's neck or chest for an accurate assessment of their body temperature. If their skin feels sweaty or clammy it means they are too hot so remove a layer of what they are wearing or bedding.  


Ensure they stay hydrated by offering plenty of fluids, especially during hot weather. Fully breastfed babies don’t need any extra water until they start eating solid food. 


Make Plans to Travel Safety: 


Take regular breaks during long trips to check on your baby, allowing them to stretch and move around. 


Avoid prolonged sleeping in car seats; they're designed for travel safety, not as primary sleeping places. 


By following these tips, you can help to ensure your baby stays cool, comfortable, and safe during hot weather. If you’re ever unsure, regularly check your baby’s temperature by feeling their chest or the back of their neck. If they feel too warm, remove a layer of clothing or take steps to cool them down.  


Enjoy the summer while keeping your baby's well-being a top priority.  


For additional guidance, refer to The Lullaby Trust's Baby Summer Safety guide.  


*Babies less than 6 months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. 

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