iCandy Recommends - Weaning Products Spotlight

iCandy Recommends - Weaning Products Spotlight


Have you checked out iCandy Recommends? Our brand new, completely impartial review service dedicated to providing expectant or new parents with advice and guidance on a range of nursery products and services.


So far, our parent testers have put lots of products through their paces, from sleep related products such as white noise machines and room thermometers, to postnatal recovery products such as feeding pillows and nipple creams.


The most recent round of reviews focuses on weaning products, with parent testers putting different recipe books, feeding bowls and cutlery to the test.


We caught up with nutritionist and health coach Katie Angotti to get her thoughts on weaning essentials and how items such as the ones featured in iCandy Recommends can help aid the process and bring extra enjoyment to the weaning milestone for families. As well as offering pregnancy nutrition coaching and weaning workshops, Katie has recently been through the weaning period with her son so has first hand experience in this area, both professionally and personally!


Katie Angotti - Nutritionist

Katie Angotti - Nutritionist


“Learning to eat with cutlery is a skill that takes time and practice - choosing cutlery that is adapted to your babies stage of development may help them to feed themselves more easily. 


I love weaning products that make it easy for babies to access food, and easy for parents to clean up after! Bowls with suction cups that aren't going to be thrown easily from the table, and made from materials that are easy to clean are ideal. 


Weaning can be the perfect time to explore new recipes for you and your baby, and there are options out there for every family. They can be a great way to introduce those ingredients that you might not eat often at home but want your baby to learn to like. 


I am a big fan of any weaning product that can make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable for parents and their babies. I like products that can take away the stresses of weaning, whether that is new recipe ideas, baby cutlery or weaning bowls”.


From pregnancy nutrition to advice when it comes to toddler fussy eating, you can connect with Katie via her website or Instagram.


Read the full weaning product reviews here.



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