iCandy proudly presents: Dad Dash

iCandy proudly presents: Dad Dash

Introducing Dad Dash 2018

We recently took to the streets of London to film a concept we called Dad Dash, a series of challenges for three friends who happen to be fathers. Engaging in competition across the Capital, the dads play pranks on one another, explore Portobello market, and engage in a race across land and river to reach Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Real friends and family men, this was an opportunity for these fathers to take part in a challenge with a difference, where the pushchairs play key supporting roles.

Shot in June 2018 during the peak of the summer heatwave, watch as the drama unfolds in this tale of friendship, fatherhood and friendly competition. Challenges consist of a pushchair construction, where sabotage between the friends is present, followed by a race around Portobello market in a quest to find unique items, before ending in a sprint to the finish line at the ArcelorMittal Orbital in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Chapter one: 

In episode one our dads meet at undisclosed location in London facing their first challenge. Watch below to see how the drama unfolds, especially as one of the dads isn’t playing by the rules in their attempt to be the winner...


Chapter two:

The second episode of Dad Dash takes us to the streets of the Capital in the market challenge, where the dads race around Portobello market to find their assigned items within a ten minute time frame. One dad is out for revenge after the previous challenge, whilst the winner of the previous challenge looks unstoppable…


Chapter three:

In the final chapter of Dad Dash, our three fathers are locked in a race to the ArcelorMittal Orbital in London Elizabeth Olympic Park. Each dad takes a different form of transportation in a quest to reach the the final destination... Who will cross the finish line first?


Thank you to our partners:

This could not have been achieved without the following partners who helped make this project possible...Thank you all very much for playing a significant part in this film.

Native Media

The ArcelorMittal Orbital

The Olympic Village, Elizabeth Park, Stratford

GO Boat, London

Simon Boi (Dadmin)

Portobello Market

Portobello Road Sports

Larry Estrin at Old L.Ps and 45s

Pete at the Olive Bar

The Portobelloonparadew

Gary at London Corporate Cabs

The Buckle Factory

The full movie:

View the complete experience in one sitting, watch the epic Dad Dash adventure in the full 26 minute movie.


Dad Dash 2018:

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